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Wilders: A Dystopian Half-Pocalypse Series by Cass Kim

Did Not Finish: DNF
No Rating.

(Cass Kim has an Instagram.)

I’m not much for horror or suspense. I was hopeful this leaded more towards sci fi or fantasy. I may switch further along, but it felt closer to urban horror. Like I expect from a Jersey Devil story.

I’d read that. It’s not so horror that I wouldn’t. But it leads off with a teenage party where drinking and having sex were treated as the norm. I don’t care if it is. Books are meant to teach something. And this isn’t teaching like it should. There is no reason to have the main character, a high school student stay out all night with other teenagers getting completely smashed. Without a possible escape.

Nope. Couldn’t continue. I stopped reading. The plot and characters weren’t thrilling enough to keep me engaged outside of drinking underage or being stupid idiots.

I read Red, White, and Royal Blue. That had the same: idiot teens getting smashed and partying. But there was so much more to it that I read past the nonsense. This wasn’t good enough for me to keep going.

Switched gears. I wanted a quick read to just forget life.

Smoke: A Devereaux Witches Short Story by Chelsea Callahan

3 Stars

(Author’s Twitter, Facebook page, and Instagram.)

Smoke wasn’t the worst book. It just wasn’t complete on its own. I was thrown into a completely unknown world with an expectation I know everything.

I cannot say whether it would read differently if I read the others in the series.

The reason I won’t forgo offering stars for this is because the series has no order listed. I have no idea which story should be first. I’m confused. This is why I make a very clear point which story is where in a series. I hate when series aren’t clear.

The quality if you look at it as if it was part of another book would be top notch. I didn’t see any line errors, mistakes, etc. It’s easier to edit a shorter story. The plot- what I got of it- was streamline and easy to follow.

It’s missing exposition. I know people hate being bogged down by too much. In fantasy with a completely unknown world? We need it. We need something. It felt like I started reading a book midway. This may have been the characters first POV, but I needed more before getting there. Then it ended as things were getting started.

If this is a true side story, it needs to be very clear for buyers/readers.

It was disappointing. I regretted reading it. And I have no desire to read another in the series.

The style isn’t one that matches me anyway.


I need to find a good book to snuggle up with. Help!

I should read The Wedding Party by Jasmine Guillory. I know it will be a high quality, well written masterpiece. Bestsellers are like that. I won’t be writing up a review for such a well known book though. Reviews are for indies and books with minimum reviews or for friends.

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