Current writing actions

I am supposed to be finishing up Dragon Rider 11th and 12th Grades. Down to two more rewrites (second drafts) before going back to 8th and editing it again. 200k words to go. A few rounds of edits. This series will be finished in no time. I won’t be putting out Alpha Shifter any time soon. I’ll have a nice clear comfortable ending for 12th Grade (I have the ideas that make it clear and comfortable. Trust me.)

So how am I doing with that?


I started rewriting another story. It’s a one shot that’s currently in novella length category I think. I’ve been wanting to read the story, but the first draft is make-my-eyes-bleed trash level. If I want to read the story, I need to rewrite it first.

I’m more than 2500 words in. Ahahaha… *sigh*

I’ll post what I’ve written so far ’cause… Why not? It would be a good one to get ready for publishment. Like Dove it’s set up as a one shot. If another book is created it will be next gen. Returning Home would be another similar story. One shot books are helpful. People don’t want to jump into a series all the time. Lycacon is werewolves (nothing to do with Modern Werewolves. This is straight fantasy.) Dove (Dove Update) is about a mlm romance where one’s asexual and a superhero. Covers LGBT+. Returning Home is an elf coming to terms with her powers, history, and future. Epic fantasy level although, it won’t be long enough to be called epic.

I’ll put my foot down August first. Even if I write both at the same time, I need to put at least fifteen minutes every day with Dragon Rider. I’ll probably leave 11th Grade up until it’s finished soon. I’m taking the rest of the month as break time unless the muse returns.

Look, a muse. (Aka Kwon Jiyong)
Image is not mine. Found as a random pin on pinterest. This was a stage performance a few years ago.

Saturday begins the Dragon Rider work again. I hope I succeed at 200k in August. I want to at least clear 11th Grade. 100k is asking a lot for a period where I’m not running at the story to write.

I need more GD pictures.

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One thought on “Current writing actions”

  1. I haven’t done what I was supposed to be doing. Mostly because I’m closing in on a panic attack from living in a dangerous environment almost daily. I’m trying to not push.


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