Dragon Myth…

I love dragons. Always have, always will.

The myth is years of decisions and writing. It’s not all written down though. I have so much to decide and weigh yet.

[My Dragon Myths: Dragon Titles]
[My Dragon Myth: Dragon World Part 2]
[My Dragon Myth: Dragon World]
[My Dragon Myth: Colored Names]
[My Dragon Myth: Dragon Colors]

If you have questions about my myth, ask. Questions will help me fully expand it. I wanted to write up a post for each color with the different published dragons I already made as well as those within Dragon Rider that I know about even if they won’t be published for a bit. I didn’t get to it.

Creating such a complicated myth isn’t easy. Recall how many hours went into Tolkien’s world. He created languages and a world in his free time. Then he built a story to go inside it.

I just don’t have his level of free time.

The Planes that Dragon Rider talks about is a mix of various angel/demon myths out in the world. I don’t need to explain that one as much as the dragons.

The Dragon World isn’t a known myth. Of the myths around dragons, mine is different and the same. How many dragon myths make them both genders? Yet when they can transform to this level and have control of fertility, wouldn’t both make the most sense?

Ask me questions. This is my baby. I’m going to keep working on it. I love it. I just may not post about it. I’ll always answer questions though.

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