List of Poems

I need to set up poems for every Monday until the end of the year.

I have lots to chose from. I don’t have to wait for me to write new ones.

But… There’s lots to chose from. My excel sheet with my list is 443 poems long and it doesn’t have all of them. I need to get back to organizing.

Some of them are already on the blog. Some are in poem books already. But it’s not all. I haven’t gotten all of them up.

And I’ve been writing poems every month. I do better when I write poems every month. And not all my new poems end up on the blog.

This poem list will seemingly go on forever.

I did say 443 poems.

And no it’s not all in order. I alphabetized it a few times when organizing, but not lately. You’ll know you’re near the end when it stops being in order.

Maybe I’ll post 나비. I think it’s cute. I need to work on my Korean more. Writing poems in another language is fun.

I can’t even ask which one is your favorite. Because honestly… How could you even know?

I wonder if I have a favorite…

Alright, I’m gonna stop chatting nonsense. This list seriously goes on forever. I won’t be writing that long.

If you see anything you’re interested in, I can set it up for posting or point out if it’s already a blog post.

I haven’t marked down which one is in which poem book yet. That’s part of why it’s in excel spreadsheet.


Want a poem written for you?

You will get to pick a topic/person/situation, and I will create a poem based on your suggestion.
It will be up to you if it gets posted to the blog dedicated to you or whether you wish to keep it.

Note: This will not be a back and forth until you get the perfect poem in your mind. If you are looking for that, please send me an email (
This is meant to be fun.

I will refund the payment if I take too long to come up with a poem for you or you pick a topic/etc that I refuse to do. Those topics are limited, but they do exist.

I will not refund payment just because you dislike the poem.

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13 Nights of HalloweenTeaNot AloneInvite
A GiftTell MeNot BoundIt is a Beautiful Day
A PoemThank You For Becoming a MotherNot Enough WaterIt Is Raining In My Closet
A SeasonThanks of a CatNot Very HuggyIt’s Over
A Whisper in SunshineThat MountainNothing LeftIt’s Time for Winter’s White
Across the UniverseThe Archer ReadiesNumber OneJagged Glass
AdulthoodThe Balance FeatherOceanJigglypuff
Always Love YouThe BalancerOcen DomainJohni
AnywhereThe BellsOf the Coming of the MoonJoin Us
Apologies Are GivenThe Cheesecake isn’t Worth ItOne PictureJust a Human
Ask Me If Tonight is FineThe CycleOnly One LBGTJust a Name
At RestThe Daisies Have All DiedOnly One song by BlackpinkJust Give it Up!
Attack of the Fire Breathing House CatThe EndOtherwise, The NestKilling Pets
AtticThe FinalOur PromiseKindness
AuthorThe Glass SlipperOxymoron #1Knock
BeThe HeartOxymoron #2Knowledge
Be In The PastThe HoleOxymoron #3Kraken’s Day
BeachThe KeyPassionKrojanty’s Charge
Beautiful ButterflyThe Last Winter’s StormPeanut ButterLa Robe
Beautiful Little GirlThe Letter JPearlLake of Glass
Beauty is in the Eye of the BeholderThe MaskPeddleLanguages
Bebe, BabyThe MemoryPhoenixLast
Become a PlantThe Mirror Lies!PicturedLeagende
Being GenderfluidThe Month was a RiotPinkLegendary Man Has Died
Being Split on RelationshipsThe MonthsPlease Be MineLet It Go
Best New GiftThe Myth of Krojanty’s ChargePlease Need MeLet Me Be Your good Girl
Better Later Than NeverThe NightPlease?Let The Storm Break
Bien Jour The PackagePoemLet’s Not
BirdingThe PoemPoetLife Hurts
BlackThe RosePoetryLife’s A Stage
Blinking CursorThe Sanity of SongPoetry (in times of trouble)Lil Ragnaros
BlizzardThe Softest RosePokemon SaysLimits
BloodThe StormPokemon SuccessLion Field
Blood Stains on My ShirtThe Stream of LovePork Roll Egg and CheeseListen to Your Elders
Blue SkiesThe Sweetest RosePrepping for a PartyLittle Sprite
Bogeyman (Haiku)The TruthPretend the DragonLittle Things
BracketThe VisitPretty KittyLittle White Dress
Breakfast in BedThe Water Changes FormPretty Little GemLive For Ya
Breathing InThe World is BlackPride Park, Our HomeLiving Creeps
Bright Orange BallThe Writing SquallPrinceLiving Tree
Broken HeartedThere is a Simple AnswerPrincessLokin
Broken Hearted songThisPromiseLone Cloud
BrotherThis One’s For EveryonePublic AdjustersLook
BubblesThree Little WordsPurple ButterflyLosing Sleep
BusesThrow It!PushLoss
Butterfly and FlowerTime Is GoneQuestionsLost Childhood
Bye, Bye GrandmaTime Is PreciousRain ComesLost My Love
CakeTo Charles, Who Used to be KingRainbowLouder
Can I Have One?To My Wandering Spirit FriendRaindropLove
Can I Offer You a Cup?TogetherRainy Days (Haiku)Love Hope Peace faith
Captured by the DragonTomorrow Random WordsLove is a Prideful Emotion
CaringTomorrow Never ComesRangerLove is Powerful
CarnivalToo HotRanger’s HeartLove, Hope, Happiness, Freedom
CatTrappedRare EventMan From Brick
Cat HartliebeTrapped Behind the Window PaneRealityMan from Nevada
C’est La ViveTrapped in A Haiku FactoryRegretMaster
ChickenTreantRiver SnakeMay 5, 1862
Childhood SongTree of KnowledgeRiver StyxMay Day
ChildrenTrees (haiku)Roses are RedMe 
Classification of DragonsTrustRun AwayMe and Snow
Clover FlowersTruthRun Away (from depression)Meadow
Coffee HaikuTry to Praise the Dish WasherRunning on FumesMein Lang Tag
Color Trying TimeSame/DifferentMichael Gillette, My Angel
Color MeTundraSeek the YetiMishaps In Life
Come Doggy ComeTwenty OneSeeking DragonsMiss You
ConsequencesTwitter FairiesSeeking the Best AgeMissing You
Conversation in an Empty RoomTwo Different Colored ShoesSeizuresMom is CRAZY
Covid 19Type MattersShadow BookMon Chat
Crisis in Time for SupperUnicorns (sonnet)SharpeningMoney
Cycle of LifeUnionShatteredMonster
Cyro 2013Unless…Shock and AweMoon Bae
Dad’s DayUnNamedShot DayMother
DanceUnstableSilly ChoicesMother 2017
DandelionUnstable LoveSilver DragonMother Store
DarknessUpon ReturnSilver HairMother The Dedication
David the dedicationVendrediSimplicityMother’s Are Not Created
Ddu-du Ddu-du DuVioletSinging PrincessMusic Player
DeadVorel IrthosSiren (padm2019)My Beloved
Dear SuzanWalking the EdgeSiren (short)My Fuel
DeathWarm CretinSixth SenseMy Love
Demon MinionWelcomeSixty FourMy Love Grows
Desert TurtleWhat are Daddys Made Of?SmileMy Lover
DesireWhat are Mommys Made of?SnowMy Loves
DifferencesWhat is Courage?SnowMy Many Headed Friend
DinosaurWhat is Gender?SnowMy Most Prized Possession
DinosaursWhat is Life?Snowman KeithMy Presentation
DishesWhat Will It Be Like?Soft Floating FlakesNever Cared
Don’tWhen Did Jesus Ride a 4 Horse?Someone CaresNever Lose Hope
Don’t Wanna Have a MeltdownWhen I Hold the DoorSorry Night Comes
DragonWhite ChristmasSpecial Day in MayNon Challenging Challenger
Dragon (Haiku)WhoSpectralNostalgia
Dragon AgesWho Are You?SpellI am The Star
Dragon BirthWigSpringI am Tired
Dragon HeartWilliam the DedicationStand TallI Can’t
Dragon QuestionsWingsStay With MeI Can’t Keep Up
Dragon SaviorWinnerStay With UsI Can’t… Motherhood
Dragon TaleWorry StoneStepsI Climbed The Tallest Tree
Dragon TypesWorthless SuperbowlStill HereI Did Not Write Today
Dragon WarriorWrite Those BooksStorm CloudsI Didn’t Cry
DragonsWrong ThoughtsStrong EnoughI Don’t Know
DragonsYou Are…SunbaeI Know
Dragons (For Dragon Rider)ZeroSun’s LightI Love Dragons
Dream나비SureI Love You
Droplet사랑해 AngelSurvivorI Never Knew My Father by Bludi Illiene
Drowning손  머리  몸과  발 Sweet Little LieI Regret
Ein HerzHelping OthersTaken AwayI Want You
Emotion Called LoveHer Garden of LifeI Won’t
EnlightenmentHere be a DragonIce
EntitledHomeGlittering BrassIce Castle
EqualityHopeGood BoyIf You
Error 404HordeGood Bye FishIf You Wanna
Everywhere I TurnHow Dare It RainGood Morning KissesI’m Just Not Interested
Exam PrepHugsGood Morning SongI’m Sorry
Failed LoveI Am MadGorgonInfinity
Fall In LoveForgivenessGotten Good at GoodbyeInvisible Person
Falling into a False RealityFountainGraduateInvitation
Feel HeartFriendHair DresserFlower
FetchFriendshipHandling ThemFlowers
FiftyGame of LifeHappy Birthday GDFluff
Fight!GDHave you Ever Seen a Half Elf?Fool’s Error
F-in’ AGeomedry TestHeadlightsForest
Final DraftGive UpHear MeForever Friend
Fingers Out of the MouthGlassesHeartForever Young

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