Poem: Mother Store

(This was written back in May 2018. Given my mom’s birthday is Monday August 10th, I figured I’ll post something special for it. This should be the first time it’s on the blog. I believe it made it into Poem A Day May 2018.)

Mother Store

Some days I wish I could go to the Mother Store
It would be down on the corner
Passed the library and marketplace
Where everyone can find the perfect mom
The store that has every type of mother

The mothers who cuddle under blankets on a cold wet night
The mothers who bake cookies and cake on the weekend
The mothers who can fix broken arms and calm boo boos
The mothers who read every night and morning
Even if the story is the exact same one for weeks

Then as I walk in the direction of the store
Every single time I head down the street
The mothers make me realize something important
Something special and normally ignored
The mother I already have is the one I wish to search for

My mother cuddles with me on a cold wet night
My mother bakes cookies with me on the weekend
My mother offers bandages and boo boo cures
My mother reads with me while lying in bed for sleep
Even if I asked for the same story for weeks

Even if there was a Mother Store
Even if I could go down there right now
I wouldn’t pick another mother out of all the ones in stock
My mother is the perfect mother
There is no one better even when she yells

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Happy Birthday Mom.

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