I didn’t published book 3 of Modern Werewolves. I am now writing another pair of stories for the series. It is set to be where the story is sitting. I’m not sure whether it will be set before during or after book 3. I need to double check time lines.

The Secret of Average. A 7k short from Noah Smith’s, an omega, perspective.

The Secret of the Run (or Search or something… Maybe Motherhood? Or Mothering Titles?) It’s 1k in, probably won’t reach 30k. May be a novella. Probably a short. From Danielle Growle’s perspective. She is an omega who raised a beta. This is her first time as an adult free from title. She was a teenage pregnant werewolf. She’s Noah’s true mate. It will continue the previous story and add a few more details from her life. Her son and previous mate are leaving her pack for another. She refused to follow.

I could probably get these two written and ready to be published by December. It would be interesting to do so. It would open a few new questions about the series’s world.

It doesn’t impact The Secret of Luna. It can, perhaps, influence the next set of books. Probably not. Omegas aren’t normally given much notice when titles are leading a book.


You noticed I skipped out on Dragon Rider again. And Lycacon is not front and center either. Dragon Rider is f-ing hard to write. Lycacon is… If someone was interested, it would be easier to stay on task.

I’ll get back to them. I should set up a fifteen minute timer to work on each before adding to this story.

I probably needed the break. Rewriting is harder than writing. I need everything considered at one time. And it’s not new. I know what will happen. New stories are so much more fun. Rewrites are faster. Faster isn’t always better.

No, I haven’t made a cover for the new stories. I don’t know if I will. I don’t know if it will be a joint cover for two shorts. I don’t know if it’ll be ebook only because of length. Or if I can add on The Secret of Taino and The Secret of the Black Title, which isn’t written. I worry over writing that one too. Should I even write up Beta Moore’s story with his true mate and first child? I love HEA. It ends with the child’s death.

The problem is I have too much to do and limited time to work.

And my cafe isn’t available to write in yet. Why has a cure not been found? Until then I’ll be stuck suffering.

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