Writing Stuff

I just created the page (see the top menu!) Writer’s Stuff.

It will contain my collection of writing based blog posts. While working on digging through my archives (and probably missing some), I came up with a few new ideas for my writing blog future.

I’m shocked. Normally I think I need to write a writing blog post, I should even do weekly posts on the topic. Then I blank. What do I write about?

There’s so much written already for writing. There’s so much knowledge to gain and use and expand on. It wasn’t so much I didn’t know enough, but to streamline it into a blog post that makes sense?

Now I have nearly 30 possible options. Between all the comments on Twitter and looking over my history here on the blog, I have 30 possible options.


Some will probably not amount to much. I’ll toss them like I’ve done various stories. (You haven’t heard about some of them in a long while, right? There’s a reason.)

I have so much knowledge. I create worlds. I create characters and stories and this and that. I’m skilled with English and writing and reading.

Even my first drafts get people envious. (Sorry Cyro.)

How do I take my skills and knowledge and offer it to others? That’s the reason for the new page. And the reason I have my new list.

And hopefully, I can write out a blog post weekly. My poems are set to happen weekly. Let’s see if I can get a new blog post about writing weekly. My possible list would surpass the end of the year if written weekly.

That’s exciting! (I might need someone reminding me about this.)

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2 thoughts on “Writing Stuff”

    1. and that’s seven writing posts made. I’m not saying they’re good posts only that they exist and will post on the next seven wednesdays. That clears me through september. Bam.


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