Poem: Happy Birthday GD

(Poem for GD’s birthday!)

Happy Birthday GD

I heard it was your birthday
that happens to everyone
I would like to celebrate
with cake and friends and love

I heard you are getting older
I guess I’ve been the same
thirty somethings climbing higher
yet we still have game

I heard you’ve been working
as if the time doesn’t flow
but whether we believe or not
we’re still growing old

I heard you’re getting older
weird if you were not
time keeps moving forward
Time Lord you are not

I heard it was your birthday
and I would like to say
happy, happy birthday
today is your day

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One thought on “Poem: Happy Birthday GD”

  1. This isn’t really specifically a GD poem. I ended up being a poem for thirty-somethings.

    Cause I’m thirty something. And he just turned 32.

    Go ahead. Use it for your favorite thirty something.


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