Shortcuts Usable Everywhere (pretty much)

I use shortcuts often and everywhere. Some websites and programs have limitations when it comes to which shortcuts you can use.

Shortcut keys are buttons you can use on your keyboard to cause a special action to happen. Here are some of common shortcuts. (I hope you know about them already.)

The control key (CTRL) is found on both sides of your keyboard. While holding it down, press the other key. You’ll get things to work.

Ctrl+F: This is your Find key. Either a box will pop up or the search box will be at the bottom of your screen. Generally you have the option to see the searched word (item) individually or have all of them highlighted. I use this often during researching, whether my own or random website. I’ll also use it to change a particular word in a draft. (Spelling change, name change, etc)

Ctrl+C: Copy key. Whatever you have highlighted will get copied. I copy pages on the internet that won’t print correctly and paste them in a word document so I can print. That way I can get rid of excess like pictures and ads. (Adding a citation with webpage is very useful when doing this. Also add page numbers. It can get confusing.)

Ctrl+V: View/Paste. When people talk about copy/paste they are meaning this button with the previous one. You will view/paste whatever was copied just before as long as you are in an area where you can write thing. It doesn’t always work, but it can come in handy.

Ctrl+A: All, specifically Highlight All. I actually use this more than you realize. Sometimes I want most or all of the page copied. I’ll highlight all, then copy and paste elsewhere deleting the unnecessary stuff. Sometimes pages don’t make it easy to highlight things. If highlighting is possible, this button works. Try it.

Ctrl+P: Print. This is the print key. That doesn’t mean it will print the file in the way you want it. For Firefox, I’ll use their options-print before I use my shortcut because I’ve gotten horrible prints out from it. The software’s print features normally gives you a print preview which can save you time and money. I use it for PDFs found online or elsewhere. I’ll use it in Word or Excel (when I know where the page cuts off already). If printing is an option in the software, this shortcut typically works.

Ctrl+Z: Undo. Undo really only works if you can make changes to something. It can revert (in some cases) back to a previous action. I use this probably in GIMP the most. If you aren’t sure if something will work out well, you can quickly undo it.

Ctrl+Y: Redo (Only usable if you just used the undo button). Better with the option? Went one undo too many back? Redo is your friend.

Ctrl+F4: Close the tab. This is one of those mean things to persuade someone to do. It also lets me close those pesky ad windows that pop up without clicking anything. Ctrl+F4 will shut down the WINDOW/program. It’s not something to play with.

Ctrl+X: Cut. Highlight words within an area you can write in, and cut it out. This means you have the part saved to copy. I’ve used cut just to get rid of something easily or because I want it elsewhere. It works for both.

Windows button+M: This shows my desktop. When I want to hide what I’m working on (child can’t see everything), I use it. I will also use it when I want to click on something on the desktop without taking the time to minimize all the tabs individually. (The apple button works the same way on Apples.)

What’s your favorite shortcut?

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