Random Writing Definitions #2

I’ve done a few on a previous post.

WIP: Work in progress. Writers use this term to explain the book they’re talking about is not finished. It may be in the middle of a first draft. It may be in edits. It may be close, but not quite there, to publishing. A work in progress literally means it’s still working its way to the public eye.

MC: Main character. There can be several main characters depending on who is narrating and where from. It could be a group or a family or just one solo person. Whose POV is this coming from? Or who is leading the story? Both can be called MCs. Most stories have one main character and a bunch of side characters.

LI: Love interest. Ignoring children’s books, most stories have a love interest. It could be the character’s S/O or significant other. It doesn’t have to be. Not all stories have a LI for the MC even outside of children’s. Or they may not end up on screen. That’s okay. You don’t need love to complete a story.

HEA: Happily ever after. I aim for this. Happily ever after offers a feel good ending. It’s old school fairy tales where the prince and princess live happily ever after. That’s where it’s from. You don’t need love for a happily ever after. There is no specific item that says happily ever after. But it’s a feel good feeling. As if the story ended tied up in ribbons and bows.

DNF: Did not finish. Means a reader put the book down and didn’t pick it back up. It didn’t match them or it was so bad, they could not finish reading. It may not be quality or author style. It can be the reader. They are allowed to put down books. No one should read everything. They tried. Don’t hate on them for giving up midway. Cheer them on for trying.

IDK: I don’t know. What we end up saying when we haven’t plotted that far. Your questions have become beyond our scope, give us a minute to answer.

I’ll create some more later.

And yes, IDK was a joke. I hope you already know IDK. And I’ve had to really use it when someone asked me for information I didn’t know yet about the story. I wouldn’t say it was a problem, but… I wasn’t working on that story at that time.

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