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(Plot twist time! We’re 50k in already. This is the perfect spot to start making chaos happen. I do hope you enjoy it. Mwahahahahahahah.)

Genie Ninth Wish

Pretending the couple is far more calming than I ever thought. Diss calls me his contractor and treats me as his girlfriend. Can I, Aleania Heam, be Diss Weasher’s girlfriend?

What about Forc? He was my best friend. We were engaged. But he broke the wish that said we’re friends and allies. So can I consider it over between us? I don’t want to. But it’s not like things were perfect before he disappeared. I was even planning to break things off before finding out he left.

I can’t help but give Diss a chance. I finally have someone who wants to do things. Should I jump?

No. That’s wrong. I should wait for things to stabilize and get Forc’s answer before doing such and such with Diss.

But how much longer will it be before we save Forc? How much longer can I hold off? I’ve already kissed Diss without a wish’s requirement active. I want to do it again. Do you think anyone would mind?

I spent a second night sleeping beside Diss. It’s weird to say that. I haven’t slept beside anyone for years now. Even when I went places with Forc, we stayed in separate tents or rooms. I actually slept beside Diss.

Waking up, I have to search the room for him. He’s at his desk planning something. The scrying mirror is out, but not currently in use. He has his spell book open, but he’s writing on some other sheets of paper. I glance to spy the language I don’t know.

This country, where he came from, speaks the same language as me. So what language is he using? I stretch while watching him. By the light from the window, it’s after dawn but not by much.

Diss notices. “I called for breakfast already. I made my calls and questioned a few people while you rested.” He collects up everything to hide away. “Before we leave, I would like a new list of the spells you want for your clothes.”

“Is that a vague wish?”

Diss grins at me holding up a book. It’s empty by his looks. “Already have the item needed.”

“And payment?”

Diss licks his lips moving ever closer to me. “I can think of several workable payments.” I duck nervous over the quickness. The wish wasn’t made yet… “I’d rather use a kiss as payment for this. I’ll offer funds for other things.”

I nod getting up. “Sorry… I wasn’t expecting it…”

“I should make the wish properly beforehand anyway.” Diss offers a hand to me. “Breakfast should be here shortly.”

I nod and move into the attached bath. It gives me a moment to just breathe. I pull out a new outfit weighing if I should wear my leather already. I sigh and put it on. We’re leaving. We’re going into an unknown country. Or it’s unknown to me. Diss came from here. Is it his original country?

The mirror offers a return I wasn’t expecting. Regalia on a tall proud male. That’s Diss’s father. The picture is uncanny. “I’ll need a horse.” The strength in the voice is… There’s power and presence. “Roger?” He turns to whoever is in the room with him. I look around and see the bathroom as I am used to. It’s not enough of a pull. I would have to meditate, but it’s a first I drew the prince.

I know it’s the prince. The colors and insignia and dress is all prince-wear. He’s royalty. Does he still live? This is when he was having his fling. He wouldn’t look this young now.

“Roger!” The loud call comes with balled hands. The prince glares at himself in the mirror. Then another shows up. Masculine in features, but it could be because of the Demon wear. “Roger, what have you been doing?”

“Scrying.” Roger shivers ducking his head. “Apologies. I have received word about your beloved.”

The prince’s features soften completely. His voice drops as he brushes the hair off his face. There wasn’t any out of place and it’s cut short anyway. But he’s trying to move it. “And?”

“She has taken a leave of absence to the East Grove Cottage.”

To see Diss’s father fall into confusion is intriguing. This guy is smitten and just lost in the fling he isn’t supposed to be in. The prince faces Roger blinking a few times. “We only have a few more weeks, why would she…?”

“I have little idea.”

“If you have any, tell me.” The prince shakes the Demon.

“Perhaps she has grown sick of you and your love longing. I told you before the roses would be too much.”

“Nonsense. She couldn’t possibly be…” The prince pauses staring at himself again. “Could she? She seemed to love all the offerings I gave. It’s not as if I dipped into my coffers that much. She requested to make it unnoticeable. I did as she requested.” The prince flinches. “I hope.”

“Your fiancé has little idea.”

“Does she have any idea? You say little and make me worried.” The prince brushes his hair again. “You test my patience, Roger.”

“Apologies, Your Highness. I would think she knows you have something currently ongoing, but not with someone who can threaten her position.”

The prince sighs focusing on making sure everything is perfect. “Tell the team, I am going to feign a hunt for the next week.”

“You wish to send your team out on a hunt without you? But that was your most favorite action. You even threw a fit when Alec went out without your knowledge.”

The royal nods double checking buttons. “Noel is that important.”

“Then ask your father to rescind the requirement for marriage.”

“It has always been the order of the kingdom. The one who marries the chosen wife becomes the next king.” The prince faces Roger again eyes slit. “Noel understands that. She has her own reasons for marrying in a year as well. Whether we can continue anything after the fact is a question we cannot answer. One I do not wish to dwell on.” He sighs nodding to his image. “So I will take this week to learn why she disappears when we have so little time.”

“Your Highness.”

“Ready my things. We’re going to Noel.” He walks out of the mirror’s view and the image reverts back to me and the bathroom I stand in.

I’m naked. I was hit in the middle of changing. I am quick to fix the situation and move back to the bedroom.

“I was going to check on you.” Diss motions to the meal placed before him. “Food arrived. Did you end up bathing? Or was it…?” He tilts his head reviewing me.

I sit down with the images still running my head. “Um…”

“Take your time. I didn’t think we needed to rush to escape. A full meal, the wish to start on making your pretty clothes suit our travels…” He pauses reviewing me. “The ghost look is never a good look for you. Who did you see?”

“A prince.”

Diss stares at me. He doesn’t comment.

“Your father.”

“I figured. What other prince could appear in the bathroom?”

“I would hope none.”

“Exactly.” Diss offers me a piece of toast. “You must eat. I wonder what set off this image.”

I have no idea. But while I eat, I offer the story I saw. The love his parents hold for one another at least back then is the reason he exists.

“Wait… My father picked becoming king over my mother? That was his reason? He’s a piece of shit.” Diss growls. “You don’t throw love away so readily.”

I chuckle. We don’t know his mother’s reason, although she looks to want to him over her reason. “Recall the first image I saw. He was with Noel as they were fleeing.”

“And Arasol brought me to the orphanage.” He sighs leaning back. “My existence is insanity.”

“And you would definitely have enough information to find them now.”

“Yeah…” Diss breaks his toast in half and chews it slowly. “Would I pick my royal position over love?”

“He was until you were in the picture. Did he become king? What happened after this?” The cottage was probably where I saw her in the bath. Baby she was already naming keeping her attention. She couldn’t hide it any longer. That was probably when his father became aware of things.

What happened?

“Don’t dive again. We need to leave. Tonight, once we’re safely in an inn, you can see again. Although I wouldn’t suggest it.”

I rub my arms looking around. “Why did I see it in the mirror? This is the first time I saw him on his own. And he looks every part the prince. His ally was a Demon. Roger and Arasol…”

Diss collects up the items he needs for the wish. “I don’t know. Give me a few months of focus and I can tell you who and what and why, but I can’t focus on that right now. We must focus on finding Forc.”

I nod weighing if I ate enough. I push it away and stand up. “So, that wish?”

Diss grins sitting on the bed. He pats the space across from him. It should be done this way. “Already written. I can verbalize it for you as well.”

I sit down. The book is ready to go. He’s going to ready my favorite clothing to be magically safe. So I can be myself and still be protected.

We sit between the book as Diss wishes. Then he leans forward gaining my light peck.

It doesn’t do anything. I look at the book where nothing is.

Diss grins tilting my chin up. “Someone doesn’t think that kiss is enough.”

Damnit. I decide the price. I can say whether a kiss matches up with the cost.

And… I didn’t… I didn’t think it was enough. And Diss knows what it means.

This time he leans forward keeping me steady with a hand. It isn’t a quick peck. He presses his lips against mine greedily asking for more than I have offered so far. My hand slips around his neck as I tilt my head for easier access.

I’m seeking more. I need to have more control. Even if I desire more from him, a light peck should be enough for any wish. It should be. I’m losing control and focus.

Diss pulls back and runs a finger over my lips. “That’s better.”

I glance down spotting the book. This time the spells are listed as they should be. I gulp realizing this is considered my failure. “I…”

“It’s okay if you seek more.” Diss shifts to look at the spells. “I am open and willing.”

Am I? Do I want this to continue because of wishes? Then I can blame the wishes and not the fact I want more. What am I saying? What am I doing? Forc left me. We’re not friends and allies any more. Diss offers me that spell now.

“Don’t beat yourself up over wanting more.”

“Whether I want more or not shouldn’t change the wish’s cost. One peck is all I should ever need.” I flex my hands thinking of my grandmother’s words. Was this a problem of my grandfather? I can’t recall.

“You’re young yet. Your wants will transfer to the wish’s cost. That can mean any number of things. It’s how the sexual wishes work. They only depend on your thoughts on the matter. What you consider the cost of the action.” Diss knows. He’s studied.

Still I feel as if I’m still a child figuring it all out. “I know that. It’s just… I… It should have been enough.” I sigh rubbing my arms. Perhaps the vision unsettled me to the point of messing with my costs.

“It’s how you can corrupt a wish, Alaenia.” Diss moves in to hug me. He kisses my hand trying to calm me. I’m not sure if it’ll work. I don’t know what I really want. “What do you desire I do? Tell me. Let me know what I am allowed. May I offers you more kisses without a wish’s backing? Will that help?”

“I don’t know.” I step away from him. “Let’s just pack up and move on. We can chat while walking.”

“Okay. Think it over.” Diss packs everything that he had out. I didn’t have anything. I look over the meal. We ate enough. We should be fine. I look to the bathroom and find the mirror. What about the thing caused the wish to act up?

“And done.” Diss offers the room a final scan before holding his hand out to me. “Let’s go pay. We can return to our journey.”

I nod following him. I’m ready to learn a little something about a country not my own.

Leaving the inn behind, I spot the sun not far from the horizon. We’re getting out as if we were camping. It would be about now our camp was broken down so we could move on.

“I wonder if horses would suit.” Diss questions. We don’t go into the stable though. He has teleport spells set up. Horses would increase the slots required. Walking will be it until we can get within range of Forc. “Has he slowed down?”

I touch my chest feeling for my friend. Forc’s distant is both physically and emotional now, but it’s as if he isn’t moving on a flying machine. “I’d say the speed of horses now?”

“Still faster than we’re moving.” Diss sighs taking my hand. “We’ll check up eventually. Stay with me.”

“As if I wouldn’t.” I laugh.

Then my feet root me to the ground. It’s a wish’s reaction. What wish? Whose? I can’t leave.

I take a step backwards happy it’s not all directions. I can move up until the same spot. I try to move to Diss’s other side, but end up rooted still.

“Aleania? I don’t think dancing at the entrance to town would suit.” Diss glances at the various demons in sight.

“I wish it was that easy. Can we go to market square for a moment?” I step back into town. I’m fine to walk as I wish. “Is there another exit?”

Diss stares at me before following my request. After checking the two other ways out of town, we sit down in the market square. The loud cheers and Demons will drown out my words… I hope. “So?”

“I’m rooted. It’s a wish. It’s not mine, though.”


I look to the mountain. Things have been weird since I entered this country. “Can you try to teleport us?”

“You’re lucky I have a teleport to you saved.” Diss stops before he casts. “No. I don’t trust it. If a wish is holding you to town, we’re facing off against something bigger than Forc.”

“Maybe. What if Forc is saying I can’t move closer to him? As if he agreed to such a wish.” I want to cry. Denying the tears is tough.

Diss wraps me up in a half hug scanning the crowd. No one looks off any more than yesterday. “I couldn’t even say if anyone here has a genie.”

“Who would have my level skill, though?” I look to him. He hisses. “The rooting spell is common for my level, not an average genie. Grandmother and Mother made sure I knew about that. That my ability to teleport and root as I like is because I am a high quality genie.”

“A royal level.” Diss scans again. “I hope the reason you needed to be marked crossing the country line isn’t…”

“I’m trapped in this town.” I stare at the sun.

Diss grips my hand. “I’ll teleport us back to your home tonight if things don’t change. We can wait out the time there.”

“Until Forc is at a standstill.”

“Because you can’t easily travel around this country. Let’s treat today as a date again. At least let me build up how much debt there is.” Diss stand sup offering a hand to me. “And during lunch, we’ll attempt to have a picnic beyond the town. If that fails, we’ll send a note to your parents expecting us.”

“If I could figure out who and why, I could possibly counter it.” Nothing comes to my mind right now though.

“Keep thinking while we shop. Anything that draws your interest…” Diss motions to the stalls.

It doesn’t take long for me to stop. I pick up a small trinket. Nothing overly special except it reminds me of the regalia Diss’s father wears. “Do you know anything about this?” I ask the stall keeper.

They grin wide going into a long detailed explanation of a Demon saving the country while carrying such an image on their attire. It has been a royal crest for generations now.

I look to Diss holding the trinket in my hand. “You want this.” I tell him and hand over the item. “This is not for me.” I walk to see the next table while Diss buys the item in question.

“That wasn’t how it’s supposed to work.” Diss reviews the item. “Why anyway? I could offer you another.” He pulls form his bag and shows off a writing implement with the crest. “It’s my favorite.” He hands it over to me.

I flip the pen over. It’s nothing special. “Why is it your favorite?”

“It’s a smooth writing piece. Made for royals here.” He taps his chest. “I was given half the cost and a chance to buy it from the maker.”

“The king’s pen creator?” I hand him the pen back.

“Yup. I had a quest that lead to him. I did such a good job, I was able to get the pen. Repairs would be full cost. I could even buy from him again, but the discount is over.” Diss shrugs. “Worth it.”

“Did that lead to one of your title offers?”

“Yes and no. I refused to listen to that one.” Diss holds the trinket in his hand. “My orphanage was in Hieum to our south.” He looks to me. “That’s the language I use.”

I nod.

“I was picked up by a group here. I earned my license here.” He holds the trinket up to the light. “So I don’t consider this item lacking in worth. It reminds me of everything I work for.”

“You’re a Demon to be proud of.”

Diss grins putting the trinket in his bag. It just disappears from sight. “I’m glad you think that way. I can only hope to prove myself valuable to you.” He takes up my hand. “Let’s relax.”

I’d rather spend the time figuring out why I am wished to stay in town. Diss can’t help me here. I could try to meditate on it. I would need a safe area to just relax. “Can we sit near the fountain?”

“Relax while I tell you everything about my past?” Diss squeezes my hand. “I’ll gladly keep you entertained for hours.”

He’ll make it look like I am with him while I try to figure out why I’m trapped. We sit to the side of the activity. We really look to be on a date which only continues yesterday evening’s actions. Would we have been able to leave last night?

“Yes, Your Majesty.” I hear it before seeing my grandfather offer a deep bow. The image attacks me the moment I close my eyes. There was little effort involved.

My grandfather looks a lot like me. He picked long hair and robes that were quite feminine. We even prefer the same colors, brands, and styles. He just doesn’t have my shape or gender.

In this vision, he has partially graying hair. It has me time things at forty or so. By his hair’s conditions anyway. I had no idea he was in this country. That’s not true. I knew he was here, but not when or why or for who. The king? He met the king?

But he was a royal level genie. Just like me.

The only reason I know this is the same country I’m in now is because regalia matches. The rest of the information is limited. … Does that mean this is Diss’s grandfather? “It is a great pleasure to name your daughter as my price for the kingdom.”

Wait… What?

“An honor.” Grandfather looks aside. He’s hiding unease and worry. To not be straight forward to the king? Perhaps this is the reason I wasn’t born here.

“A genie of your level deserves the rights of Queen’s father. Wouldn’t you agree? It would be beyond my hope your family tree can mix well with mine.”

“Of course, Your Majesty.” My grandfather is not willing, but cannot complain.

What didn’t I learn growing up? This person is forcing my grandfather into terms?

“A genie like her is… Hard to ignore.” The king licks his lips. His mind has an image. I can only guess… Of my mother? But… My mother isn’t a genie. She’s a nobody. No magic of any kind.

Then again… Diss said genetics matter. It’s weird my grandfather did not have a genie child especially since I was born at his level still.

“And once they are properly married, all your requirements to the kingdom are complete.” The king claps his hands grinning wide. “Bring out the wine. I wish to celebrate the upcoming wedding.”

The vision slips away. I flinch still unsure of why this is happening. Unless I have taken the place as my mother. This king probably would do something of the sort.

Another vision appears before I disrupt Diss’s monologue. I’m not really listening. We’ll need to chat over his topics when I can listen.

My mother. My age. Her hair is chopped off. She’s wearing Demon leathers. She looks ready to run. “You can’t be serious, Father.”

I see my genie grandfather looks solemn at my mother. I get to watch this? I don’t want to. Although something changes since my mother isn’t the queen. “If only I had some control of the situation. I do owe him my life.”

“So you sacrifice mine? Father, please.”

He looks toward the door. “A wish then, child. I can offer you anything.”

“Father.” She hesitates. “You will tell me the cost of what I want, won’t you?”

My grandfather… His eyes are misty. He knows what will be the cost. A death of some sort. Something truly impactful. Something that can be regretted. “What exactly do you wish? Should I place a prince before you that you preference? Should I help guide the decisions?”

“I wish to marry for love.” She stands tall and proud. “I wish to not be a requirement for this kingdom’s royalty.” She shrinks a little looking at her father nervously. “What cost would that be? Can a kiss be enough?”

“If only a kiss was enough. I cannot make the king not see you with just a kiss. A kiss would teleport you to another world, a world you don’t know at all, perhaps where you don’t even know how to speak. Because he will try to find you.”

Mother gulps. She hugs herself. She does that when unsure. My mother had to make such a choice. Will I have to do the same? That sounds horrible. “She seeks me because I am a genie.”

“He does. If you disappear for twenty years, or when the king dies, or…” Grandfather sighs. “A wish I can grant using a kiss, could lead to the king’s death and your disappearance for several years. A new king would reign before you could return, though. You would be unable to come home.”

“What if I give up being a genie?” Mother touches her chest lightly as tears roll down her cheek. “We don’t have to skip far if I cannot use my power. Beyond the mountains to the east and we’ll…” She gulps in enough air to counter the worse of the tears. “I can become normal.”

“I finally have you happy to be a genie of my quality only to have it be one of few options open.” Grandfather offers a hug. “We will pick a small plot of land then. Far from this border. I will create a new name for us. You can marry for love if you can find it.”

Mother nods. “I, Alaenia Narcissus, wish to be released from this requirement as future queen. I offer my power as a genie and my hometown in exchange.” She shudders holding out her hand to my grandfather.

“I will follow you. Because even if you lose your home, you do not have to lose me.”

“And Mother?”

“She will find us. I promise. She knows how to find me when I get lost. It has happened before.” Grandfather chuckles. “The wish is granted.”

They disappear without anyone being the wiser. The vision ends and I rub my eyes. My mother was…

Diss holds me so I can lean on his shoulder. “I know my history is sad. I’m glad you cry for me, but it doesn’t need to be this much. I’m fine now.”

I blink back the tears wanting to say something. I’m not sure if I do. Another vision comes forward.

Diss’s father. He is glaring at the king Grandfather just drank with. He storms about the room. “She just disappeared? Use magic to find her.”

“We cannot get a trace of her anywhere, even beyond the borders.” The king leans back. “We will come up with a new option for your partner.” He taps his chin. “Let me weigh the options. We do need someone of high enough quality-“

“Annette Noel Obsurgen.” The prince states staring at the king again. “Let me.”

“She doesn’t quality. She is not a strong enough Demon.” The king waves it off. “I’ll let you know in two weeks. I’ll find a quality demon or genie for you. Promise.”

Diss’s father stalks off. He doesn’t talk back. He just stalks off. I don’t watch or follow in the vision. I only know it’s him because of the previous visions.

The visions pause letting me become aware of my surroundings again. Diss is chatting on about his favorite bird right now. Has he gone through that much information he’s talking about favorite bird?

Am I…? Are the visions done? I still don’t know who exactly rooted me. But I can guess it has to do with the king and the kingdom’s requirement for ruling. The chosen queen must be a strong enough Demon or genie. I look to Diss. “So… That was… Shocking.”

“Is it over now?” Diss pauses in his play with my hand. I didn’t even notice him holding it. He was running his fingers over my palm in a way considered a tense. “You got tense a few times. And that crying…” He looks around again. “I’m glad several people know how bad my history is and how easy my history sets people to tears.”

“Sorry.” I get up and stretch. My body aches. “Wish you were a named prince in this country. You have the heritage for it.”

“Meaning…? Wait…” Diss holds up his hands before me. “You just…”

“Your father was crown prince and expected to become king and that’s why he refused. It was in country and you were born before he married.” I pull him up. “Wishing should put you on the records and have your history come forward. You’ll be sought, but we should manage to leave. I’m being marked proper option for queen option here. And if a prince claims me, they get title as king.”

Diss stares at me. “But… I don’t… I’m lost.” He covers his face.

“You quality. Please. Wish to be named prince in this country. It’s not that crazy of a wish. Several aim for the consideration every year. That’s part of why the rules are in place.”

“You can wish for prince, but not for king.”

“We could put you on an uninhabited island for you to rule.” I shrug.

“How much does this cost anyway?” Diss grumbles. “My debt wouldn’t’ even be high enough. I don’t want this wish. Please.”

“I don’t think I can…” I can feel the root spell take place. “Someone is close.” I try to move, but nothing will change my position.

“Take from my coffers the cost required.” Diss sighs taking my hand. “I wish to be named prince of my biological father’s homeland.” He winces.

The glow about me is settling.

Mostly because it stops the root. I move my feet and spin to see who or what. Noise is coming from the left side of the town. People are bowing and stepping aside. Cheering occurs. It’s maddening.

I try to step back, but after two steps, I’m rooted again. There is a genie in this group. “Diss… I’m facing off against a genie at my level who probably has more experience.” I grip his hand. “And whoever this is won’t see your new consideration.”

“We’re too late?” Diss wraps me up in his arms watching the procession. “Let me try teleport.”

“Home. Bring me home. We’ll wait there for Forc to stop moving. He has almost reached where ever he’s going.”

Diss nods hugging me.

Then he’s gone. My guard was able to teleport.

I wasn’t able to. I am trapped. I must face off with whoever this is.

I’m scared.

I’m in a new country in a town where I can be used and abused alone. A genie should never travel alone. I can’t say I’m worthless alone, but I am dependent on what few wishes are left from before.

It’s not much.

The person comes into view for me. Sitting on a big white horse wearing insignias of the kingdom is a man about my age with Diss’s looks. I would even say brothers is likely. Knowing they are biological brothers helps. The big grin and confident air is similar to what I saw in the mirror earlier today. The outfit is similar too, although some notes about it have changed.

“Good morning, Lady Heam. I am very happy to make your acquaintance.” The prince says to me directly. I’m known. I shiver as the squire helps the prince off his horse.

All attempts to move are denied. I don’t see the genie, but there has to be one in this group. I’m stuck. It’s not like Diss would be allowed to beat up a prince even if they are brothers. It won’t be possible until Diss is proven to be the son of the king.

I can only hope the wish worked. That Diss is actually the first born son who qualifies for rule.

And this would be one of the others. I can understand why Mother wanted to flee.

I’m not sure if I could hand over my powers, though. That was a huge wish. But if I marry Forc this coming spring, I cannot be used for a kingdom’s considerations. Killing another high classed genie is frowned upon. I’d be safe. I just need to last that long and find my best friend who is currently going somewhere without me.

If only Forc’s wish beat harder against my chest. It is not fighting this. Which means there is knowledge here for one of my long term wishes.


I gasp covering my mouth. Diss’s wish to find his parents is gone. We’ll need to restart it. He’s too far away from me. I’m so sorry Diss. I made the wrong choice doing this. I had no idea how wrong or concerning it would be.

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