Poem: Legendary Man Has Died

(Not my father. Not my relation. No one I know. This just came to me. I wonder who needs the support. I wish I could offer the narrator a hug.)

Legendary Man Has Died

a legendary day in august
my favorite man has died
he didn’t live a well known life
just one I cared about

he stood above my bed
when I was crying out
he told me its okay
to cry as much as I want

now as I sit here
hovering above his bed
still letting out the cries
he said I was allowed

to see him stiff and empty
his soul moved on of course
my heart is full of memory
tears full of feelings

he won’t be there to see me live
a life that’s full of hope
he won’t be here to cry my name
as I step forward

a legendary man
you may have met him
once or twice before
my favorite man

I don’t know if you cared to know
he wasn’t super famous
he didn’t talk a great game
or even quote from books

a legendary day in august
my favorite man has died
I called him by a title
and now I’m lost inside

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