Spelling and grammar… **Rant**

You’ll be shocked by this since I’m an educated white person, but I don’t consider it worth the weight people give it.

Grammar Nazi is a word. And people complain about it. But honestly, if you complain about spelling and grammar when it comes down to nuances and intricacies, I’m gonna say you are.

The only reason we have rules was to keep people from being “real writers”. It was to make sure only the rich and white and landowners and males had consideration as authors and writers.

The rest of us? We weren’t allowed.

Allowed. Yes. That is the right word.

Racism, sexism, and anti-poor bias is the reason we created these complicated and almost worthless English rules.

It’s the same reason for the SATs and the ACTs and random tests and ways to prove quality and skill.

It’s a load of bullshit.

There is benefit to the rules. Not having rules caused problems. Shakespeare didn’t keep the same spelling to his own characters’ names. It’s weird to see the drafts he used.

Until we gained a grammar and spelling guide, we were missing something.

But it’s like any rule or law. Why was it made? What’s its purpose and goal?

Grammar and spelling are meant to help readability of works. Anything that isn’t meant for readability, doesn’t matter.

If you want to break the rules, go for it. We start suggesting that even.

Are you worried you may be breaking a rule you don’t know? If you don’t need it for every day life, why does it matter?

The biggest key is to keep consistency. You need to have clear rules for your writing and your style. Rules that you follow through the entire story and series.

I know the rules. I break the rules. Even in this post, rules have been broken. Does that make it unreadable? Do you understand what I said or mean?

If you want to up your grammar and spelling, go for it. (I’ll even post random grammar writing posts, but…)

But if anyone complains you used multiple conjunctions instead of commas and a list, tell them ‘FU’. We write so people can understand. If they understood the meaning, what difference does it make that I didn’t listen to dead old rich white men?

(Actually, I would love people to point out my errors- especially on this post. I break rules often. But that doesn’t matter as long as I’m understood. The more questions you have, the more knowledgeable you will become.)

Which rules are your favorite to break?

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