(This is still pretty much a rant, although lighter.)

I’m sorry for ranting yesterday. English is one of those untrustworthy languages. You can’t tell what rules should be followed unless you have at least three degrees in English.

Seriously. This language is a trash fire pretending to be a language.

There are benefits. Like it’s constantly evolving. There are always new words. And we can always create new words. There are rules around creating new words for better understanding, but as long as you’re consist, fuck those rules too.

Sorry… I’m back to ranting.

English is my only fluent language. That’s it. I love language. I’ve studied a bunch of them. But really it came down to the more I learned, the more English suited. Mostly because it does allow for that evolving and new additions.

I created new words. Koressurgic doesn’t exist anywhere besides my dragon myth. (My Dragon Myth: Dragon Colors explains it.) Built from scratch. But I keep it consistent. That’s what matters.

I’ve mentioned Korean a few times now… (Wasting time with Korean)

The main reason I love the language is the reason Hangul exists in the first place.

Some royal hundreds of years go built Hangul around the oral language. It was made so that anyone could write and read.

It was literally built so the poor could read and write.

How can I not love that? I have this flexible- classist- language that is English. Then I have another where there is some flexibility and literally no connection to the bias-isms of every other language that exists.

Okay… It’s a little more complicated than that. The rich educated Koreans could read and write. But they were using Hanji. Still exists. You can learn it still. Not as flexible. Hanji uses Chinese characters. So unless you had the time to learn something like a thousand characters, you weren’t going to be able to read and write. All it takes is time and energy. It’s not that hard all in all. It’s more consistent studying will grant mastery. Once you have the first thousand, the rest are more bonus.

I know far more than a thousand English words. Chinese characters may be hard to learn coming from my position, but it’s not impossible. A few years and anyone can learn it.

Hangul is more… A month. A month and you are basically capable of reading the language. And if you knew it verbally, you have the ability to write it. In a month. Without intense studying.

The concept was supposed to be even the dumbest person can learn it in a week. That’s how it was made.

Korean is heaven.

Language is just one of my things. It’s a comfort. I love it.

I figured you guys wanted a lighter rant.

English is a pain in a butt language. It’s three penguins in a trench coat. It’s the guy who took your wallet and left you for dead in the alley.
But it also the most well known and used language in the world (cough-cough *colonialism* cough-cough). English can get me almost everywhere. All major cities around the world have an easy way for me to get around.

English is a privilege to know. Especially my level of knowledge since I do know the rules (most of them… I think).

I break them readily. And I won’t fight others over it as long as I can understand what’s being said.

Language is about communicating. Fuck standards.

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