Coming Out

I’ve been in the closet forever. I couldn’t even explain anything back when I started Cat Hartliebe.

But now I’m out.

That means I should update my books so it reads:


A writer. After decades of writing, they publish. Has no aim to be the next JK Rowling nor William Shakespeare. Just wants to help others. And sometimes all someone really needs is a good book. Hope you find yours.

Contact me with any questions or comments through
my facebook:
or email:
or blog:

Thanks for reading!

My original about me use feminine pronouns. It’s not that I was for the use of she/her; it was more I was expected to use she/her. And when I mentioned they as a possible option, I’ve received hate.

I should update all of them so I can be known as they/them. That’s my preference. I may switch at some point to a neopronoun once I give them some time of day. But everyone knows how to use they. It’s not new in any way. They was singular before you was, so it’s only assholes who fight its use.

Poem a Day May 2020 may be my only published book that has the current pronouns. I’m a bit nervous to go in and switch everything.

But I have to.

I have to be honest with myself before everything else. Being forced into the female box has lead to more suicidal thoughts. I need to leave those thoughts behind in the closet where they belong.

My first book published was Cursed Items where the main character was cursed in the wrong body.

As if that wasn’t a clear sign something was wrong about my gender identity. A normal person doesn’t think like that. *sigh*

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One thought on “Coming Out”

  1. Everything I posted this year minus Dragon Rider was already switched to ‘they’ pronouns. !!!

    It was exciting to see I did that.

    Also I switched out so the website is current. Plus I added hyperlinks. I didn’t mess with any of the stories, just the front and back nonsense.


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