Poem: Love, Hope, Happiness, Freedom

(This is one of my cute poems I wrote when I was younger.)

Love, Hope, Happiness, Freedom

The Heart cares not what
You are, but who you are.
That is Love.

Even through prison walls,
You can see the light of the sun.
That is Hope.

Earth gives everything to
You, like flowers in the spring.
That is Happiness.

The butterfly’s wings never trap
You, nor does anything.
That is Freedom.

Everyone always has these four.
You may not realize them.
That is Human.

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2 thoughts on “Poem: Love, Hope, Happiness, Freedom”

    1. The really cringe-y ones won’t see the the light of day. But if you write enough of them, something will be decent. and I wrote a LOT of them. Even as a kid. Words are my comfort. Poetry let me use them however I wanted.


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