Poem: Scream into the Void, Child

((It’s not a fun time for anyone right now…))

Scream Into the Void Child

scream into the void child
it will listen well
then come the early morning
the cries will get returned
you’ll gain a little wisdom
learn how to face the facts
and if you scream loud enough
someone will not be coming back

scream into the void child
I know it seems absurd
but even if it’s just release
you’ll find its healing calm
there’s a lot that nature offers
I’ve listened to her yell
if you offer up some screams
it may be surprise what’s quelled

scream into the void child
it can help you out
gremlins may hear you this time
and many are out to help
you’ll find that we are safety
and life will be alright
if you just scream into the void
and accept the calm of night

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