If I’m doing this seriously, I gonna need to update my tags.

I have pretty much nothing in that field. Which means it’s harder for the world to find me. Which sucks.

That means I gotta go through ALL my posts- all 700+ of them- and tag them properly.

While doing this, I’ll be deleting old posts.

I am not looking forward to this at all.

Everything will be tagged Cat Hartliebe or Cyro Hartliebe or both. Because we are the only ones here. (Guest authors haven’t happened; nor have I really pressed another’s work, so…)

My categories are currently: writing, book reviews, cyro hartliebe, goals, personal, poetry, promotions, recipe, short story, welcome, works in progress, and writing bonus.

SEO is probably something I need to seek out. I have the basic understanding. I just never wanted to improve my knowledge there. It sounds so fake. But if I’m never noticed, the work will never reach the target audience. (Which is… Someone… Somewhere. *shrug*)

Any suggestion as to other categories or tags?

Should I just give up on everything now before putting in more time and effort?

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