Everyone has a creative side

Everyone has a creative side.

Not everyone has a desire to progress that side or spend time with that side or have enough of that side to go somewhere with it.

Everyone has a one hit wonder in them.

Not everyone can figure out how to succeed with it or find it or make it good enough to really be called a one hit wonder.

Everyone can succeed in a creative field.

I highly suggest not trying unless you can’t give it up though.

Everyone has a perfect picture in their head that would make it big, but you need to spend the time learning the craft first.

That learning requires a lot of time and practice and effort.

Just because everyone has the possibility doesn’t mean everyone should.

Create art.

Savor the act.

But support the artists out there who put all the time and practice and effort into it. That’s why their work looks betters than yours.

I have over six million words under my name just in the active drafts of my fiction stories. That’s why I get it more than you. That’s why my first draft is better than yours.

I put in time and effort. I have done so much practice. I have learned so many things. I’ve educated myself and I’ve been educated by others.

If you CAN give up writing, do so.

If you CAN forget about publishing, do so.

If you CAN ignore the plot bunnies and ideas swirling around, do so.

Art is hard work. It’s gonna take a lot of your time and energy. It’s not butterflies and sunny days. It’s blood, sweat, and tears. It’s staying up past your bedtime and waking up before your alarm. It’s crying over imaginary characters while killing them off. It’s creating something magical and accepting people destroying it.

If you CAN give up art, step aside. Just go. It’s fine. Treat it as a hobby. Have fun on your days off. Use it to relax.

For those of us who CANNOT give up art, we’ll hit our goals and exceed them. We have to. We have no choice.

Art owns us. We do not own art.

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2 thoughts on “Everyone has a creative side”

  1. So agree! I have started keeping a glue book. There are no rules on what I use to create- collage, crayons, brush pens, water color- but I create. It relaxes me, helps me express a feeling or work through thoughts or fears. The best part is NO ONE will e ever see it. I know people who buy everything they need to create and never do it because it might be bad. So what??? It is about the creation & joy, not good. Really, a lot is going to not be good but what matters is how you feel creating and not how it looks.

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