Homepage Questions

Tomorrow starts October.

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Currently, my homepage promotes Unwanted, book one of Leagende where Bludi returns to the castle and becomes the prince he was born as. Half elf bastard who manages to do what few ever manage.

I picked it for the first promotion home page because it was my first paperback book. It was the first one I held in my hands with my name on it.

It has a special place in my heart.

However, my best bet would be switch out the home page to show off different books I’ve published. My novels and novellas can get a full month consideration. Any of them I wish to show off. Then I can have a month where I switch out between my shorts. Maybe set up a month where each week is a different poem book.

Lots of options right?

I do have a lot of books now.

Novels: The Secret of Pack 413, The Secret of Preshift, Dragon Rider 6th Grade, Dragon Rider 7th Grade. (Dragon Rider 8th Grade and The Secret of Luna are both in the coming soon category.)

Novellas: Unwanted, Unexpected, Undeniable, Unbreakable, Unbelievable, Unavoidable, Tsuba Ren.

Poem books: Random Poems of Cat Hartliebe, Poem a Day May 2015, Poem a Day May 2018, Year of Poems 2019, Poem a Day May 2020.

Collections: First Meeting, Troubled Royals.

Short Stories: Missing Royals, Crown Princess, Cursed Items, The Spoon, Annabella and Ji, Beautiful, Dark Silence, Happy Puppy, Fireworks.

(Did you play the game yet? Let’s Play a Game! Win a free ecopy.)

I have to create front pages for every single book I have. And switch between them at random. It will make my heart full to have the chaos.

Currently, I only have Unwanted. I’m thinking of creating The Secret of Pack 413 for October. Halloween makes werewolves desired, right?

Or should I just leave it?

I’ll set it up if I find time to get to work on that. It’s not a five minute fix. Not yet. It will be once I get more home pages set up. I’m not even confident with my current set up for my home page. The idea is right. But the set up isn’t perfect.

Soon, the amount of worked required out of this website will go back down to what it was before I claimed the domain. I hope. Ugh.

Updated! Homepage is now The Secret of Pack 413. I have created four homepages to switch between as of right now (which should cover the rest of the year): First Meeting, Unwanted, Dragon Rider 6th Grade, and The Secret of Pack 413. Woot-woot!

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[Modern Werewolves] [Cat Hartliebe’s Books]

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