Problem Words

Ugh, don’t you just hate rereading your draft and find the same words used wrong?

I have several failures often. Since they are words (whether I meant them or not), spell check won’t tell me they’re wrong.

I mix up guess and just. I’m not even sure how my brain just picks one and pretends it’s right until I read it confused.

Form and from… Who doesn’t screw them up?

What and want are big ones too. Like… Shouldn’t that be clear enough that people know?

I hope so, since I don’t give my tweets, blog posts, or random comments deep review and edits. A quick read through makes them easy to miss.

The key is to note which words are your weakness. Then you can search for them in the story.

I normally read out loud and spot even ones that snuck through several drafts. The other option is a CTRL+F. Finding the concerning word and double checking every use is daunting. But worth it.

It’s one thing if I switch out what and want in a tweet. It’s another thing entirely if I screw it up in a final draft.

Okay… A few errors like this won’t matter. Just realize that is a few errors. You can’t always make the error and expect people not to laugh at you.

Or leave you a bad review. “Constantly switches guess and just. It took me several pages to realize that’s what they were trying to say. DNF.”
Harsh, fake me reviewing my fake book. Harsh.

Be aware and edit slowly. Your patience will reward you.

(I posted Shudder versus Shutter and Lie vs Lay previously.)

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2 thoughts on “Problem Words”

    1. As long as I can understand it, I don’t mind so much. Especially if I know it’s a first draft or close to it.

      Trouble comes when it’s a big enough mistake, I can’t see past it or have no idea what’s going on.

      Some of my old writing I stare at trying to figure what I was trying to say.

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