Poem: Starlight (starlight prompt)

#octoprompt today is starlight. This came with a struggle. All that came to mind when I read starlight was “Star light, star bright, first star…”…

That didn’t help me at all.

So I tugged at connections to the words until the idea of vampires showed up. Vampires do not get sunlight; they get starlight. They don’t even preference moonlight.

Do I think the poem is great? I’ll probably call it lame later. But it’s something I wrote today following the prompt.

Should be easy for Cyro to beat me with this one.

[About Cat Hartliebe] [#Octoprompt]


just a reflection
of faraway stars
that harm me not

more guiding light for
my trek after death
i need the help

a reminder
of what i had
to give up

makes me question
those choices
i made that night

should i give in?
should i see the sun again?
for my last time?

[About Cat Hartliebe] [#Octoprompt]

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