Beta Read or Book Review

So you wanna offer to beta read for me?
Or you wanna offer a review for your blog or where ever?

It’s not impossible to have asked this on Contact Cat or Cyro Hartliebe. Or on one my various tweet posts following this.

I’m open with receiving help. If you want to review and tell me about it, I’ll be happy to share it around. Okay I’ll read it first and weigh the decision. If you’re just hating on my work, I won’t share it. I won’t attack you or anything, but there will be no sharing. Unless… *scratches chin*

If you wish to beta read for me, you just need to state which book that’s headed for publishment, what you will be reading as/looking for, and by when you think you’ll be done. I’m gonna agree if you offer the above list of answers. I won’t complain so much if you end up failing to hit the times. I’ll send a comment then asking about the response. And please let me know if you DNF-ed where and why if there is a why.

If you wish to offers a review and wish to request one of my books, props. I review at random based off who has interested me. I don’t mind spending a few dollars. At least I feel that’s easier than asking the author to let me review.

For the review, you’ll need to request a published title, the date you’ll be making the review by, and where. If the review has to say you DNF-ed it midway, then say so. When doing such a review- that you aren’t being requested to do- it’s best if you skim the rest of the story. Perhaps that point was a problem and you can sink in later. Not that I assume that about my book, but a review you requested to do should be complete in a way.

When the deadline rolls around, I will send a message requesting where the post is or whether you need a deadline extension. Life gets in the way.

I am open to communication either way. My email is available for anyone to contact: I can also be messaged on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

For either request – beta reading or review – you must offer an email.

The file will be in PDF for my safety concerns.

Mind you if you’ve read my own reviews and want to ask me to beta read or review your work, I’m open to that too. Don’t be afraid to reach out to me.

Current published stories:

Current options for beta reading….

Ah…. Um… Well I mention some in Cat Hartliebe‚Äôs Books and in Fantasy Short Stories and Fiction Short Stories… but I don’t have a clear list what’s moving forward.

Dragon Rider will finish to 12th Grade. 8th, 9th, 10th grades are all in the edits phase and can be requested. 11th and 12th are still in rewriting phase.

Beyond that? I don’t know. My collection for The Bet and Other Fiction Short Stories?

Anything that has been chatted about on the blog would count I guess. Ask and I’ll probably offer. Some won’t. Like with Dragon Rider 11th and 12th Grades. I know what needs to happen and the books won’t offer it. Once the rewrites are finished it’ll be a different story. Hopefully.

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