Poem: Proud Battler (Modern Werewolves) (#octoprompt Woods)

Super late getting this done. Part of it was my health kept me in bed until after noon. Part of it was I was busy during much of the day I was awake for.

Add on the fact I had no idea what to write for “Woods”…

Yeah I am late. After 8pm before finishing. And it’s connected to the WIP I’m working on: The Secret of Search (Modern Werewolves, Posts: Writing and My Modern Werewolves talk more about it).

But it’s a cute side story like poem. The event is mentioned early in The Secret of Search even. So when I let myself think of woods I got my werewolves. And that lead me to my current writing attempt.

Hope you enjoy it.

[About Cat Hartliebe] [Modern Werewolves] [#Octoprompt]

Proud Battler

(The Secret of Shift : Poem)

Danielle opens up her senses
it’s been a long night
but something feels off
and it’s about dawn
the perfect time for something

the others in her crew
are just as experienced as her
running these woods
and finding something wrong
that’s part of security

why is it then
she is the one to slow them
and get them paying attention
to whatever this is
that has her unsteady

Danielle spins feeling prickles
her nerves are off
^Tim?^ it’s her son’s first run
she wanted to go with
and it seems important now

^Why the hold up?^
that’s Beta Moore
the king in the ring
and Tim’s favorite teacher
who’s watching tonight

she tries to shake off the feeling
her fur moves but the feelings don’t
something’s off
what can it be?
^A feeling.^

^Don’t ignore it, Danielle.
You’re a wolf to be proud of.^
Moore’s confidence has her relax
she sinks into the sense and follows
it’s not her mate if anyone’s asking

the sound of twigs breaking
has everyone in her crew stop
battle incoming
her growls want to come
but Danielle calms them

the howl comes before
one of the crew goes down
a grunt leaving their lips
Danielle is quick to act
latching on with her jaw

bones breaking
from the force shattering bite
Danielle took out an intruder’s legs
she backs off readying

launching at another
she manages to attach herself
to the weak underside
of the intruder’s neck
locking her jaw tight

the blood seeping into her mouth
offers confidence
even more when the same crunch
reaches the air
switch grip let the wolf die

enemies don’t belong here
Kostet wolves show as she backs off
more allies to win the fight
less enemy wolves to battle
Danielle licks the blood off

Moore walks about the battle
that has ended without loss
he stands before Danielle
^You managed what few can.^

Danielle ducks her head
feeling the praise
omegas aren’t the type to create death
it’s a proud marker for her
because she wanted be part of Tim’s first run

[About Cat Hartliebe] [Modern Werewolves] [#Octoprompt]

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