Fun Nanowrimo Idea

I’ll probably pick one of my open WIPs to work on.

Finish Dove, Genie Wishes, Lycacon, Dragon Rider 11th Grade, The Secret of Search, The Secret of Luna… (I have too many active projects.)

I should be editing through Dragon Rider 8th Grade as well.

But I know all of these projects have fallen into tough. I’m hitting block after block anymore. (Pandemic, bad home life, can’t get a hold of my health, etc.)

So that means I need an easy short story nonsense so I can feel productive even when I’m only kinda sorta productive.

Fanfiction! I suck at fanfiction. I always make it my own thing.
But if I use my own world? And my own characters? Just without guarantee it’s canon… It’s fanfiction and yet not. And if I do it nice enough I can just have bonus stories.

Fanfiction (canon?) for holidays in Dragon Rider

Fun shorts that would keep me motivated in the world. Stuff that won’t take energy and time and effort like the main story. All stories will leave Natalie to the side. Her stories are readily available in the main book.

The Holidays:

  1. Xyaina and Jasmine
  2. Brooke and Ceres
  3. Jacob Verde and random flings
  4. Alex Copper and random interactions
  5. King Charles and Prince Charles
  6. Queen Star and King Alastar
  7. Rebecca
  8. Jonah and her goblin celebration

Lovers Day:

  1. Xyaina and Jasmine
  2. Brooke and Ceres ~ The letters
  3. Cynthia and Charles
  4. Ejib’s poem to Domincia
  5. Jonah and Olaf

Hallow’s Day

  1. ???

If anyone can think of any ideas, please speak up. Random short scenes from my various stories would make the month easier.

This may be my first year I fail. I hate that idea. But I know what I’m facing. I haven’t had this many weights on me in a very long time. And I can’t get rid of them. I can’t escape.

[Unless for some strange reason a prince on a white horse shows up and whisks me away… Nah… Unless…

Phoenix is like a white horse… right?

Gd could save me anytime.]

*shake head* Good luck to anyone else who’s trying to face off with Nanowrimo while handling everything else going on. It’s exhausting.

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This is my 8th year and I have won every single year until now.

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