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The number one thing that the greatest writers have is a good support team.

It’s not number of words written.

It’s not pretty pens or notebooks.

It’s not a fancy home or setting or trauma or anything.

It’s support.

We need someone in our cheering section. One is required. One person to tell us to keep going.

To be honest, it can’t be our own self. The author can only boost themselves so high.

The more support we have, the better we’ll manage.

This is the case for all art and creatives. Without a proper support network, we’ll flounder and give up. Art is hard. Being creative is hard.

There’s no way we can write the deep, dark stuff that needs to come out without someone to cry to afterwards.

No one can handle the abuse and damage that comes after we hit publish by themselves. It’s not possible. Whether it’s because of lack of notice or because of negative notice, it’s painful.

Whether the support understands or can help the writer isn’t necessary. They don’t have to read to support. The key is to boost the writer when they get hit with one of the many reasons we fall.

In Modern Werewolves, I kill characters. It was the first time I wrote killing a named child. It’s not published yet. And it terrifies me to publish it. I put their death on screen. I have the reader watch it. My character was too late. There could be revenge, but not saving.

I cried. For a long time. I still do when I think about it. If I didn’t have the support I do have, I would have stopped writing for a time. Seriously stopped. That is damage we cause ourselves.

We have to write highs and lows and chaos and order and keep together.

It’s asking a lot.

Every single one of us, every creative ever, gets to the point of wanting to quit. We say it’s not worth it.

Our supporter is the only reason we kept going. Not the money. Not the fame. Not the future person who will live and breathe us.

Our current supporter. The one who asks about our work. The one who questions how we are and what we’re working on. The one who saves us before giving up and throwing in the towel.

If you are that person for another, consider your position and its importance. We need you. Without you, we couldn’t keep going.

Listen when we chatter. Believe in our abilities. Remind us to eat and drink and sleep. When the story requires us, we far too often forget.

For my supporters, future, present, and past, thank you. I could not have reached this point without you.

Art is hard. Support us however you can manage. We are forever grateful.

(Did you play the game yet? Let’s Play a Game! Win a free ecopy.)

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2 thoughts on “Support”

  1. Never really thought about this before. I guess because I’m just now seriously getting into it. I’ve known that I’ve hit walls before, but couldn’t have told anyone why I kept going aside from passion. Thanks for this

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