My supporters

(Did you play the game yet? Let’s Play a Game! Win a free ecopy.)

I have several who will stop me from giving up. I have people in the past and the present who tell me to keep going.

If you don’t have someone in your close circle, it will get hard, but you can reach out to other writers on the internet. Twitter’s #WritingCommunity is pretty amazing. I always suggest checking out There are so many groups on so many sites and social medias.

My supporters may not be the best, though…

Other people: My mom read it and liked it (definitely not bias; it’s perfect, has to be).


Cyro: Cursed Items gets 4 stars.

me: … And?

Cyro: I liked Annabella and Ji. Publish Dragon Rider.

me: What about the four stars?

Cyro: *shrug*


Mom: I read through Leagende books. They were fine. I prefer Modern Werewolves. Much more my style. Easier to read.

me: So how can I improve it…?

Mom: It’s just not my genre.


Brother: I don’t wanna read this one.

Me: How about…?

Brother: Have you published another Modern Werewolf?

Me: No, but if you could…

Brother: Let me know when you publish another Modern Werewolf.


Nephew: (Finally got him to read his story in First Meeting) Wow, this is surprisingly good.

me: ….


Supportive family? …

Supportive friends? …

Random person who I talked into reading my books at Barnes and Noble: I love this one! What are you working on now? Can I read it?


You really only need someone to stop you from giving up. They’ll listen when I chatter. They ask if I’ve written anything. Cyro especially is proud of me when I write.

Support is a creative’s best friend. It’s needed. Find yours.

(Did you play the game yet? Let’s Play a Game! Win a free ecopy.)

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