Poem: Another Shiver (#octoprompt spine)

This wasn’t an easy one to do. Literally nothing came to mind with spine as a prompt. Not a single idea for a flash fiction.

Luckily I can write a poem on anything. It may not be what you’re looking for, though.

#octoprompt #spine

Another Shiver

another shiver
runs up my spine
as if one
wasn’t nearly enough

I’m losing
not just my courage
my heart too
can’t turn away

this is what
I have to look at
look forward to
the future I seek?

I can’t face it
I can’t look at it
the death
the hate

it’s not just fear
it’s tiredness
the sky
finally cleared…

another shiver
runs up my spine
I won’t just hide

I may be shaking
but I’ll do so
on the front lines
where change happens

join me
there’s work to do
ignore the shivers
fear can’t win

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