Poem: Titanic (#octoprompt blanket)

I swear I try for light and fluffy. I like light and fluffy.

*scans work* I… swear I do… I’m not in it to kill innocent… puppy…dogs… (Happy Puppy anyone?)

Fine. I am more of a mass murder in my stories than kind soul. Ugh.

Take this then. Cry buckets. Join me in my misery. Because why else could I write this?



I wrap my blanket around me tighter
the wind is getting harsher
but I won’t leave, not yet
there’s no guarantee

the signal goes off
all boats are accounted for
all bodies found
named and noted

I… I am left with nothing
as everyone begins to leave
everyone accounted for
but many of us without it seems

all I’ll have is a blanket
the one you knitted me
when life was just comfort
before the storm upon the seas

left alone again
without a person to rely on
and only a blanket it seems
to rest my little head on

my body too stiff to move
too cold to change direction
as tears drift down my cheeks
as no one whispers affections

you’re gone
it can’t be; no
there has to be one more body
there has to be hope

but everyone is sent away
and home is where I go
where we will never be together
yet for years I still hope

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