What Fun!

I’m serious.

I am turning Organization as a series (currently 9 books) into paperback proof copies.

For Cyro. Not for me. …. Although if I thought about it before, I may have done it.

This series is sitting at first draft minus a few small corrections and the rewriting of the opening paragraph. (First to Second Draft explains.)

This is my comfort series. I may most of my series are comfort series, but this is even more so. It’s such a long tale that may never be done… I reread it and write randomly.

I took my 9 first draft novels and formatted them into 6×9 paperback options.

Then I built a basic cover for them.

I’m overall happy with the basic cover. The blurb on the back…. needs work. And the stories themselves need work.

But I love them, so I’ll put in more time and effort. And if I manage to clear through Mission 10 before Cyro’s birthday, I’ll fix that one up too.

If you have suggestions -or want a copy- leave me a message.

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