Messing around

with Cyro Hartliebe’s name. lol

I need to get Cyro involved. But I write this beforehand and see if they’ll add anything. [About Cyro Hartliebe] [About Cat Hartliebe]

Or just agree. Cyro normally just agrees.

I came up with Cyro Hartliebe as a penname. Cyro is child’s middle name. Where we came up with that…? *shrug* No idea.

Okay, that’s not true. It’s a play on cryogenics. Ice, cold. Cyro though sounds different. Cyro uses the ‘s’ sound instead of a hard ‘c’. (Cyro was born in winter… or they were supposed to be…)

But this time I’m messing with Korean. As much as the transliteration of their real name works, it’s not quite right anyway.

I’ve asked Cyro what Korean name sounds good to them. It would be hard to write a story completely in Korean without having a name to attach it too.

I’ll be signing both Cat Hartliebe and 넷갇린 (or 넷같지; still haven’t fully decided.) Figuring out the name before you need it is really important. Trust me on this. For my German works and my various poems… I even have 나비 completely in 한글. So having a name is important.

Cyro hasn’t gotten a translation for their pen name yet. Obviously, we’re keeping to 넷. (I’m rather proud I know the Korean alphabet’s positioning on the keyboard; it makes so much more sense!)

Cyro… Hmm… What about 세로? It means vertical. And this child will be tall. Super tall. Head and shoulders above Koreans.

Maybe I should relate to ice or snow…? 스노? 겨울? Or maybe 얼다? (snow, ice, and to freeze respectively.) Ugh. Child needs to weigh options.

I know they like just agreeing with me. But I don’t know which way to go.

They can even change the entire pen name: 빙겨울? (ice ice….)

This is just another thing of random things to torment child about. She it be closer to transliteration. 개빈?

I’m going back to my stuff. I’m leaving child alone for now.

You want to see my 나비 poem, don’t you? It’s simple like most of my first poems in a language. I’ll post it shortly. [Poem: 나비 (butterfly; Korean)]

[About Cat Hartliebe]

Cyro says 넷얼다. What do you think of it?

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