Poem: 나비 (butterfly; Korean)

(I wrote this because of Korean Unnie’s Butterfly song:

The series can really help you learn the language. She teaches really well. I’m not fond of the heavy k-pop/k-drama references, but that doesn’t change the fact she understands the language and thus teaches it well.)

(Also, Cyro and I were working on some verbs. I wanted them to create a poem using the various words we’ve learned… Cyro didn’t, but… Enjoy.)


무한 궤도

Simple first poem made by 넷갇린. My skills are limited because I just don’t have enough vocab yet.



to eat
to eat
to eat
to sleep

I’m still learning. It’s okay to laugh at me.

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….wait…. I’ve only posted the one poem? ooooo that needs to change. You haven’t even gotten Mon Chat? Or Bien Jour? Ein Herz? And I should post 손 머리 몸과 발. …. I thought I did already… This is what happens when you have too many poems just sitting in your collection wasting away.

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