Poem: Leaves Dancing (#octoprompt autumn)


Leaves Dancing

crisp autumn day
where the leaves play
as the wind takes them
from their home

watching them as i am
it has me reminding
the differences
between the trees

as if my knowledge mattered
i could name
based on the sight
and condition

such as those before me
are white oak
Quercus alba
if you believe that

they aren’t fast to lose
the leaves they were granted
but the wind is racing
and leaves dance down

the wind blows through me
shivers attack
and I button up my coat
while scanning the skies

an autumn storm approaches
with wind and rain and lightning
leaving us with cold
and wet grass and ground

still i watch the leaves
as they dance off the trees
and I say to no one real
dendrology was my field

[#Octoprompt] [About Cat Hartliebe]

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