Cat Hartliebe Answers a Few Questions

Eighteen fun questions to try to improve engagement. Who doesn’t want to know this stuff about their favorite author?

oh! And Cyro has said I just barely beat out Riordan for favorite author. I may not hold the place long, but I got it.

What genre do I write in?

I write mostly fantasy, but I’m all over the board.

I have nothing beyond 20k words that isn’t fantasy in some fashion though.

How many projects have you started?

*curses mildly*


Over 300 stories of some length.

Over 500 poems.

And that’s only what I have access to. I’ve lost work over the 30 years I’ve been writing.

How many projects have you completed?

Zero. No matter how many times I go back something needs to change.

There’s about 50 published stories attached to my name.

And over 200 completed drafts in my name.

Plus 5 poem books.

planner, pantser, or plantser?

Pantser. Definitely. I walk into a story having absolutely no idea what’s gonna happen… most of the time.

over write, under writer, or just right?

Under writer. I hate writing description so I end up needing to add a lot during edits.

Which is your favorite part of the process: planning, drafting, or revising?

…. Formatting. I LOVE formatting. It’s my favorite. So much so I’m answering that without it being offered.

Besides? idk. Not planning.

What’s your favorite tense to write in?

I write first person present tense all the time. I can do others. I just like first person present. I’m not a bard telling you a story. I’m dragging you into the world and hope you’ll eventually get out with new knowledge and hope

Do you write romance in your projects? What kind?

Yes. It’s a common subplot. LGBT+ shows up a lot. And I’d say asexual is my most common mark for kinds- at least for my main characters. Even in Leagende. Bludi and Adain are both ace characters.

What inspired your recent project?

“recent”….. I change by the day and hour. Ha! Recent. ADD ftw… sorry.

Life inspires me for all my projects. Many have a connection to another story not that the connection is easily noticeable.

Is it hard for you to kill your darlings?

Yes. I do it. Not exactly uncommon for me even. (Check out Happy Puppy.) But it hurts every time. I cry every time I kill a named character. Even if I’m bringing them back. I am crying alongside my characters every single time.

Which of your OCs most surprised you?

Hmm… I think none of the characters specifically surprise me. More I surprise myself. Like I made Natalie Verde in Dragon Rider ace without any real thought about it. Or how I always saw my werewolves in Lycacon as Asian. The Lycacons look Southeast Asian actually. I look at the characters and the stories and I’m like “Oh… that’s why they do that/ like that/ speak like that/ show such and such/ have that sort of a reaction to/ etc…”

The characters are built based on what the story needs and what society needs. I’m trying to fill in a bunch of holes and somehow I get something that works.

With hundreds of stories, it’s hard to name one character that most surprised me. They all do.

If you had to choose one OC to bring to life in the real world, who would you choose and why?

Definitely a dragon.

Hhmm… Or maybe not.

Can I claim they’re all too dangerous and untrustworthy?

Have you modeled a character off of someone who hurt you, for cathartic reasons of course!

*cough* The Dragon’s Quest for Hopper Chapter 49 *cough*

Are any of your characters self inserts?

There’s a piece of me in every single one- hence why ace is so common of a sexuality- but none of them are me completely. I may have written something in that field as a child, but the stories are gone-gone.

Which is probably a good thing.

What’s the one thing you must know before starting a project?

Nothing. Legit nothing. I can begin a project with nothing and end up with a complete story before I hit ‘The End’.

Normally, I start with something: a name, a place, a person, a plot, a theme, an identity, etc. But I’ve written before I had anything and it worked.

What is your ideal writing environment and work space?

I prefer typing on my computer. I’m faster. I can do over a 100 wpm because I know the keyboard placements.

Have I written in other ways? Yes.

Would I again if I had no other option? yes. I will do literally anything so I can write.

Because ideals don’t actually exist.

My ideal would be a library where I can work with one or two other writers at desks nearby. So I can ask questions and feel social even if we barely say two words that aren’t attached to our stories. They’d also remind me to eat which I forget often.

Would you rather write 10 books in the same world or write 10 standalones?

Why not do both? I do both. Although, series is definitely easier to manage. My standalones end up just creating a new series world to write in. Who can stop after just one?

Use three words to describe your current author brand.

chaos. myth. dragons.


acceptance. equality. life.

…. Maybe. I’m not sure exactly. This abstract questions boggle my mind. Is this one meant for neurotypicals only?

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