Poem: Failed Love

(I think I mixed a few different ideas into this poem. It’s not for one person.)

Failed Love

I saw you looking
That day so long ago.
I felt my heart gladden
As you moved closer.
The words you said
Made me angry…
Like my brothers always did.
The days you hid away,
I almost cried.
To think I could not play;
How sad is that?
When the day arrived,
The last day we saw one another…
I heard the tears in your voice,
I only wanted to comfort.
Just one kiss from me to you.
I failed… and you left.
I heard of her death.
It hurt me to hear it,
But not only because of her,
I knew you suffered.
When I found you again,
It was during summer,
The hell of the previous months
Hidden in a cave in my mind.
You comforted me,
Made me happy;
You were always good at that.
You make the last few years
Vague, distant, disappear.
But it could not last.
The past cannot hide in darkness.
You did not make it surface;
Try again, maybe it can work.

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