Poem: Don’t You Move (#Octoprompt Claws)

(You think of monster claws or scary things. My thoughts are the cute as a button kitten. Or maybe my big hulking cat you’ve seen pictures of.)

Don’t You Move

don’t you move
don’t you dare
my glares as you shift
would make most scared

this is my place
my settled zone
and you are required
to give me all the warmth

“Come on, Baby.”
you weakly say
and try to pull me
from my comfy bed

but I say no
and grip tight
my claws going deep
you’ll bleed tonight

“Baby!” you yelp
I hit the ground hard
while you grip your leg
how dare you take my lap away

[#Octoprompt] [Cat Hartliebe’s Books] [Cat Hartliebe’s Poem Books] [About Cat Hartliebe]

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