Poem: Candy (#octoprompt)

(This was posted last night on insta. I didn’t want to open my computer by then, but wanted to succeed at the word. The three pictures taken from three other account really suits, too.)


I never said we’re candy
We aren’t all that sweet
It’s not like we’re dessert
Or what you hide at night
We stand forward proud and loud
Until the day is done
Our standard is too high for you
So we come off cruel and mean
But that’s because you don’t get it
This life is far more than it seems
We stand tall and firm
Even against the ocean’s might
Sandy wasn’t even strong enough
To make us bow out of the fight
You look at us as strangers
Almost alien at times
And we just laugh it off
Because we’re the best
And we’re always right
#NewJersey #JerseyStrong

It sounds like a first draft, but the idea is there. I’ll come back it later and weigh what needs to change. It’s not my only New Jersey is best poem. See: [Poem: Tree of Knowledge] [Poem: Pork Roll, Egg, and Cheese]

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