Short Story Friday

I was doing short story Friday a few times over the last two years.

I was thinking as part of the promotion for the month- whichever I have my welcome page set up as- I wrote out some flash fictions or poems for the series every week.

then I would continue my Fridays with either flash fiction or poems. A story set within the world or with the characters. It may be fanfiction or canon. I will always note if it’s not canon. So if there is no note, that means the story is canon.

I may also post a short story or opening or snippet during said month. It would match to the series, characters, etc.

If you have any suggestions or prompts for me to use for said flash fiction or poetry speak up. I love prompts. I love suggestions. If I can work with it, the creation would be with a dedication to the one who offered the suggestion.

[About Cat Hartliebe] [Cat Hartliebe’s Books]

This month is The Secret of Pack 413. I have not created the number of promos I was hoping for this month. I’ve been lapse. [Modern Werewolves]

The stories/poems would look like [Poem: Proud Battler (Modern Werewolves) (#octoprompt Woods)] [SS: Wolf Collection (#octopromt howl) (Modern Werewolves)] [SS: Golden Wolf (#octoprompt golden) (Modern Werewolves)]

Promos in general would be more like [The Secret of Pack 413 Cover]

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