Poem: Words of Romance

(I totally wrote these words for GDragon. Too bad I can’t really give him anything even if it’s just poetry or prose. *sigh* These words don’t have to go together. They’re more pieces to a bigger puzzle. I may fully build a song or poem from these words. Or I may leave them as is. Enjoy!)

Words of Romance

when the clouds pour rain
thoughts of you keep me from drowning
if the sun burns brightly
your memories keep me safe within the shadows
when darkness comes- as it always does-
your energy creates light all around me
you create poetry by existing
its as if the beauty of existence was taken by your charms
be careful of Aphrodite
since she may think you’re stealing her spot

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The idea that maybe one day I could chat poetry with GD…
Let me have my dreams even if they’re a touch abnormal.

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