Nanowrimo 2020 Update

About midway through the month. Time for an update. [] logo

Going into the month I didn’t want to start a new project with several in the pressing category.

So I picked two of stories that I want to finish ASAP: Dragon Rider 11th Grade and Organization Mission 10. Both of the stories were started prior to the month. I was at 49k of ~70k words in Mission 10 and 12k/100+k in 11th Grade.

Between the two, I can easily surpass 100k if I pushed. But both of these stories have been fighting me. There are so many threads being weaved since both are midbooks of a series. Dragon Rider 12th is the last book, so I need to make sure everything is set up for it. A lot happens. Mission 10 is like midway of midway. I have so many plot points before and after to go. And the slog of middle can be difficult.

Currently my stats as of 9:20am Nov 13th:

Total Nano count: 29,213 words
DR 11th Grade count: 16,878 (Leaving more than 70k)
Mission 10 count: 12,335 (Leaving about 10k left to go)

I have plenty of room to give. I should finish off Mission 10. I’ll try to focus on Dragon Rider after that point (it’s my more important series), but I may switch out for Mission 11, Secret of Luna, Secret of Search, Genie Wishes, or Lycacon.

If you have a preference or suggestion, let me know. I still have a lot of words to write. And hopefully I have more good days like Monday where I surpassed my 7k desired daily goal. I was healthy. Weekends I never hit the mark, but on a healthy weekday, 7k is a reasonable goal for me. I want more of them.

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2 thoughts on “Nanowrimo 2020 Update”

  1. Wait — are you working on two books at the same time? How is that going? Is it more difficult? or is it a relief to be able to work on two in that you can take a break from one to work on the other?

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    1. More difficult generally. But I’m struggling to stay on one, so the two let me have a back up when it gets frustrating.
      The year’s been a touch difficult.
      Technically all the stories listed here I’m “working” on. They’re in my active WIP file. I’m trying not to switch to another until one of these are finished. I’ve managed so far this month.

      These two are the novels I’m working on. The flash fiction and poetry I’ve written this month are excluded from my nano word count.

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