Poem: My Princess

(To GD. The poem marked it as princess even if everyone calls him king. But the sentiments the same.)

My Princess

you are my princess
my guiding light
the one I look for
when it gets dark in life

you’ve stolen my glances
and taken my heart
and now that I look
there’s just something more

you are that princess
my heart has grown full
and every time I see you
nothing heals me more

but as I look closer
it’s not just a scene
you aren’t just the one
I seek to heal me

that beautiful figure
was what I first saw
and your heavenly voice
made me just fall

but as I sink deeper
I find so much more
more than just a singer
and model of clothes

there’s a something
something special
that makes you hit
a note beyond normal

you are the princess
-even a queen-
but my heart sings lighter
whenever you breathe

you’ve restored my hope
and given my life
and take me for
a crazy new ride

as I figure out love
in a scandalous place
where everyone seems
to fall at your feet

you are the princess
and I am no one
so why is it
I have just fallen

you are the princess
but that is not why
I’d admire the princess
and all that she is

my heart sings for someone
that isn’t so titled
that human beneath
the weight of tiaras

beneath us all
is just a plain person
that desires all of the
normal love and affection

can I offer that to you,
my princess of birth,
who can sing, dance, and live
in a world unlike mine

or will this forever be
lost in my heart
to fall in love with
you who’s impossible to reach

you are my princess
my guiding light
the one I look for
when it gets dark in life

even if my love has grown
there is little offer I can make
for you are beyond me
since I’m just a nobody

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