Poem: Fantasy

(I’m dropping two new poems just made to say and show how I feel today. Which is lonely and horrible and unwanted. And no it’s not depression. I need friendships and love. But disability denies me any chance at that. That’s been the way my family has always told me. And I’m trapped.)


you think the part of Dragon Rider
that marks it fantasy
would be the dragons as Natalie’s family.
but for me who lacks in so many ways
the most fantasical side of it
is being loved
is having a family who cares
is being believed when no one was there
is having a friend to talk to at night
is being loved even if things aren’t quite right
is making sure theres no chance for death
and if there is to put every protection out there

you look at my fairy tales and fantasical work
and think that the reason they classify such
is the magic
and the dragons
and the creatures who can’t exist
when all i see if the same thing in real life

it feels as if best friends are on the same level
as dragon flying by
or that having a family who loves you
is like magic to my eyes
theres no hope for that
for me

i live in my fantasies
because thats the only place i can be
my self and loved as i am
and no one can change that
as much as i wish they could.

for you with a circle
of people who care
you sound like fantasy
for me lying here
alone and unwanted
by those who gave me life

you are the fantasy
i wish could be real
its something ill only imagine
and never feel

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2 thoughts on “Poem: Fantasy”

  1. This hurts my heart. I don’t know what to say that does not seem trite. I acknowledge your pain and isolation. I enjoy your writing. I know virtual companionship is no substitute for the in person contact, but I enjoy what you have to share. You are valuable. Peace

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