Description Practice

I’m just pulling from yesterday’s long blog post. These are the practice options I posted there.

If you’re like me and struggle with description try a few description practices.

  1. Sit down and write out everything as if you are creating the scene you are in. Set a timer and write. Try it a few times restarting the timer and using a new page. The more you practice the easier it’ll come.
  2. Take a picture book. Use the words on the page, but add in whatever the picture contains. Expand the short sentences into something longer.
  3. Create a daily description journal. Use adjectives and adverbs to describe your day. Every day put a few description words next to the date. Expand if necessary, move on.
  4. Imagine your favorite task (or one you know well) and write it from memory. Get all the reasons out why this is your favorite or well known task.
  5. Pick one sense and start writing up sentences to describe a scene. Don’t just use sight, sound, and smell. Those are the big three when describing, they aren’t the only ones. Try: spatial orientation, touch, body position (proprioception), pain (nociception), pressure, temperature, vibration, or texture. There’s more out there. Imagine you could only gain insight to the item in a black box through one sense. Pick an item and try to describe it well enough someone will know it.
  6. Don’t rely on color. Color can be used, but it is not the only description. Try creating a scene you can see and not mention any of the colors. Can you make it sound of high quality?

These are only a few options to help you understand how to write description through practice.

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