Poem: Trash



i feel like trash
tossed aside
thrown away
the landfill for me

nothing matters
no step forward to take
it’s as if the world died
and left me in its wake
im trash alone, forgotten

my feeling holds me tight
as i lie awake
and nothing seems to cancel
those thoughts drifting by

im the trash
no one wants
im the trash
left behind because

and you
-who i barely know-
said thats not right
“the brightest treasure
is found in dirt wastes”

confusion sought me
as if the feeling fought
im trash
ive always been
ask anyone
i thought…

“diamonds are found in the ground
gold by stream side
flowers bloom in soil and dirt
truffles exist under the surface”

could that be right?
could i be wrong?
trained to believe
that my life had no value
because it wasn’t exactly as it seemed?

“treasure is found easily
if one were to look
beyond the normal means”

arent i trash?
should i be called that?
im the waste left aside
the dirt the seeds need
but no one should value me

its hard to ignore
the years of hate
for self and life and everything

but your words mean a lot
even if you dont really notice me
ill try to fight the urge
of calling my life worthless

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