I’m done

Writing has been just a waste of time and space.

I gain nothing for it.

I’m just this worthless creature no one gives a shit about.

I’ll be unpublishing everything and deleting the page.

I’m sorry if you thought you could gain something from me. I have nothing. I am nothing.

10 thoughts on “I’m done”

  1. I really don’t want to see you go, but I guess it’s already decided. I wish I would have found you when I was in a better place financially. Trying to get my books off the ground didn’t leave much room for me to buy books. I hope to still talk to you


    1. i have offered free ebooks and giveaway before.

      all this means is im a complete and utter failure because i cant even give away books.

      thanks for lying to me to make me feel better. it makes me feel a fuck ton worse.


  2. What?? You are NOT a waste of time and space! You are caring! You are a brilliant writer! You are motivated and determined! You are amazing!
    I love that post you wrote about the different types of writing (novels, short stories, etc) and their varying lengths. Super handy to have since I’m forever googling it

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    1. and if capitalism didnt say your worth is based on your income i would probably continue.

      but there is no profit at all here. and i need to survive. im not really. im living on the good will of others.


  3. I bloody well hope you didn’t – at least I still seem to be able to comment here.

    Can’t you consider writing alongside some kind of (ideally) part time day job, just to make ends meet? (I know it doesn’t work so well, I tried it, but it might help your present circumstances for a while?

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    1. there isnt any jobs. im under the weight of student debt. it either has to be a really well paying job or its worthless to aim for it.

      im stuck in the cant climb out of poverty category.


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