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The Spoon ebook cover

The Spoon
[US Amazon] [Smashwords]
Silverware with romantic notions? Nonsense.
Well, this is nonsense.

Beautiful ebook cover

[Amazon] [Smashwords]
Imagine if I was a painter and you requested a painting…
Wouldn’t you fall in love?

Fireworks ebook cover

[Amazon] [Smashwords]
Fireworks is about a precious young main character called Baby and their first time hearing fireworks.
Mom left them safely at home, but fireworks can be terrifying even while safe at home.
Follow along with Baby’s frightened state over the loud booms in the sky.
Will Getoffthecounter make it easier or harder on them?

Happy Puppy ebook cover

Happy Puppy
[Amazon] [Smashwords]
A short story about a puppy who just seeks freedom. Happiness is all about perspective.

Aquarium Visit ebook cover

Aquarium Visit
[Amazon] [Smashwords]
George loves starfish. Will he get to pet one?
Autistic child with a special interest in starfish.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is two-boots-one-date-cover.jpg

Two Boots; One Date
[Amazon] [Smashwords]

All are 99 cents short stories. And like with much of my work, I don’t mind sending a pdf/mobi file to a reader who can’t pay. [] [] []

Read more on Tod Leben.

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