Know a Budding Poet or Writer?

One of the best things you can do for a young poet or writer is get a special notebook and pen.

Go crazy. Have it made with them in mind online. Several places let you build a notebook with your special ideas for a cover. (Even Walgreens has something.)

Find one with a quote they’d enjoy.

Or an artistic expression that is all them. You think of them when you see the the notebook.

Get a fancy pen. One of those that is sold singly. A fancy one that’s gold, or shines, or is their favorite design.


Because someone new to the field will want to bring around something special with them. To show off.

If they don’t have the item when an idea comes, the idea is useless. Newbie writers and poets don’t have the ability yet to remember the story/poem for a few hours.

It’s now or never.

So the special notebook and pen offers several things.

  • It’s their reminder you support them in the act of writing and creating.
  • It’s something fancy to show off, to make them feel real.
  • And it’s an item they can carry around and write whenever inspiration strikes.

And for those of us who aren’t willing to write in the fancy notebook with the fancy pen, have a dual gift: the cheap notebook and collection of pens as well as the fancy one.

I carried around a composition notebook for my poetry. I started when I was ten or so? I guess. That is the ONLY reason I have some of my older poetry. Legit, only reason. There have been many ideas, stories, and poems written on napkins or loose leaf or somewhere not in a notebook or on a computer.

I watch Cyro do the same. Random notebooks, random sheets of paper, random places. I’ve lost many of their words. Far too many. I recall doing the same. I’ve found many of my random ideas that were written in notebooks. But those loose leaf papers? Gone. Poems missing forever. Plots gone to who knows where.

Getting something the budding writer/poet would enjoy and consider special really lets them know your a safe person to look to while improving their craft.

A notebook and pen are exactly what budding writers and poets desire. (Unless you can buy them a new computer. That’s definitely higher on the list.)

Can’t decide what to buy? Gift card and a trip to the bookstore should be enough. Don’t complain about what they pick or how long they take. Judgment will get your taken out of the loop. It’s very easy to crush a bud after all.

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Also good luck. Writing is as relieving as it is devastating. There is a reason I say writers need Support.

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