So Many Updates

After this month of review and consideration, I have come to a few conclusions.

I’m setting up websites for Tod Leben, Cyro Hartliebe, and Cat Gillette. Each one will have a wordpress site dedicated to them. And when profits exceed a thousand dollars, I’ll pay for the domains for all four sites.

What is published so far: [Happy Puppy] [Aquarium Visit] [Fall in Love] [First Meeting] [Two Boots; One Date] [Fireworks] [The Spoon] [Poem a Day May 2018 (ebook only)] [Year of Poems (paperback only)]

[Tsuba Ren] is set to preorder for it’s April first publishing date. Each one of these books will have their own page dedicated to them. If triggers are a concern, there will be a second page dedicated to just the triggers.

Year of Poems will be unpublished once I get another poem book published. Poem a Day May 2018 will be republished shortly once I get the time to reset up the paperback with Cyro as the author. It was originally set up as Cat Hartliebe as the main author.

Twitter accounts for the lot: [Cat Hartliebe] [Tod Leben (may become mature at some point)] [Cyro Hartliebe]

Instagram: [Nugget Gillette (author cat)] [Cyro Hartliebe]

Youtube: [Cat Hartliebe] [Tod Leben] [Cat Gillette] [Cyro Hartliebe]


Any questions, comments, or concerns leave a comment or send a message.

I will get the updates done here as well. [Archives] and [Poetry Archive] need to be updated. All blog posts will generally be here unless the topic is either triggering or associated to Cat Gillette specifically.

Cyro Hartliebe’s work will be removed and added to their website. It’s a work in progress. Cyro has to do it though.

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