Creating pages for my various WIPs is a pain.

But it’s done(?)!

Check out [All the Books] for more information.

Or I can just post everything here:

| Cat Hartliebe | Tod Leben | Cyro Hartliebe | Cat Gillette |


[Happy Puppy] [Aquarium Visit] [Fall in Love] [First Meeting] [Two Boots; One Date] [Fireworks] [The Spoon] [Poem a Day May 2018 (ebook only)] [Year of Poems (paperback only)]


[Tsuba Ren] (April 1st)

WIP that are available to request alpha or beta reading:

Tod Leben’s Alpha and Beta options:

  1. Balancer
  2. Modern Werewolves
  3. Witches and Demons
  4. Fiction Shorts
  5. Fantasy Shorts
  6. Fairy Tales Reworked
  7. Werecats
  8. Dragon Blooded
  9. Dragon’s Quest for Hopper
  10. Genie Wishes
  11. Leagende
  12. Dove
  13. Lycacon
  14. Amenda

Cat Hartliebe’s Alpha and Beta options:

  1. First Meeting
  2. Fiction Shorts
  3. Fantasy Shorts
  4. Cyro’s Middling Adventure

Cat Gillette’s Alpha and Beta options:

  1. Dragon Rider
  2. Teen Test Train
  3. Autist Shorts
  4. Organization
  5. The New Merlin
  6. Short Stories

Cyro Hartliebe’s Alpha and Beta options

  1. Haha, you looked! Cyro doesn’t have anything. Tell them to get something going.

Stories that are on the blog:

Realize anything on the blog may be removed for a collection or publishment as a solo ebook. Several of my short stories have been removed, edited, and published.

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