Goals before February

I need to get all the archives and pages set up for the past two months. I’ve been fighting to get my head on straight.

I created new pages for my published books. [All the Books]

I created [Tod Leben], [Cat Gillette], and [Cyro Hartliebe] sites.

Now to fix up my pages: [Writer’s Stuff], [Poetry Archive], [Archives], and my [About Cat Hartliebe].

So much work to do. So much time required.

Any suggestions besides, I’m open to them. I’ve been busy. Shortly Happy Puppy will be republished in a short stories and poetry collection. I want to get that out before my Smashwords free sale ends. [Happy Puppy on Smashwords]

One thought on “Goals before February”

  1. So much done. *phew* check out archives: http://cathartliebe.com/archives/
    I still need to go through all the poetry and claim Tod or Cat for it.

    And I found my teenage poetry collection! The little book I used for high school to write in. I got it as a gift from my mother for joining the poetry club in high school. Just because I wrote it as a teen doesn’t mean it’s emo, or non triggering. So much hasn’t changed. So much has.

    Still lots to do, but the website looks good enough. Updated enough anyway.


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